Blizzard 2011!!!

Okay! One of these overhyped weather events finally paid off. The blizzzzzard of 201111111 did it's job and dumped a mountain of snow all over us. The kids are in heaven! And I'd have really enjoyed our cozy shut-in snow day yesterday if it wasn't for the 5 hours of shoveling we did yesterday. Today we have another snow day to contemplate nature but of course it's -10000000 degrees so no playing in the snow. 

They played it up yesterday though

20 thoughts on “Blizzard 2011!!!

  1. Nicholas says:

    I can’t help but think there’s a tension different when crocheting as I find the same thing happening with my yarn when I engage in some hooking – it turns into a mess of intertwined strings that I seem to want to pull apart. Knitting, I don’t have this trouble. It could also be that I’ve only been crocheting for a month now and have been knitting for three years… who knows.

  2. IamSusie says:

    I thought the blizzard was fantastic! Snow is awesome. It looks to me like you were doing thread crochet with is a little bit trickier than regular crochet because of the tiny, more pointy hooks. What you made looks great, so persevere! Crochet borders are about the prettiest thing ever.

  3. Bethany says:

    Cute headband! Maybe you could try a bigger size hook to open up your stitches a bit. Also, I have trouble with certain types of yarn slitting but not others. Keep trying… it’s loads of fun!
    P.S. I’ll teach you crochet if you teach me knitting. 🙂

  4. Lise says:

    Love your headband! Glad to hear about the difference in separating yarn in crochet and knitting; gives me hope for when I someday attempt knitting.

  5. Lauren says:

    Sweet headband! I’m also a knitter who sometimes crochets and the trouble for me is that I am constantly losing my place in crochet patterns. Look away for a moment and I’m doomed!

  6. Seanna Lea says:

    I definitely wanted a snow day yesterday (my husband had one). In the Boston area, it turned to rain just early enough to make the commute truly more exciting than anyone needed. Most of us were soaked all the way through!

  7. Steph says:

    Pretty headband! When I learnt to crochet I used Naturally Harmony yarn which is lightly felted to start with. Taking away that splitty yarn problem made it easier to just concentrate on learning to crochet – which was hard enough on its own.

  8. Rachel Galloway says:

    When I got married I moved to San Diego because that’ where my husband is from. To be honest, I REALLY miss the seasons and the SNOW! It’s so beautiful.
    Love the headband. It’s gorgeous.

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