now in the shop – Kitchen Gnomes embroidery patterns!

Patterns arrived yesterday and are up in the shop today. They turned out so cute! I love printed matter. I wish we could print up all our embroidery patterns again. These are a 8.5" x 5.5" folded card with designs to trace on the inside and instructions and info on the back. All very handy I think. I love when there are no pieces to keep track of! 

Ok, happy Friday! I have more cushion options for you soon. Lucky ducks 😉


20 thoughts on “now in the shop – Kitchen Gnomes embroidery patterns!

  1. Angela says:

    That looks beautiful. I just started embroidering and was wondering…how do you pick what stitch to use when embroidering? I received my Kit, Chloe and Louise sewing book and wanted to say thank you! I loved the personal note you included with it.

  2. Elizabeth Mackey says:

    I recently bought your book, and I have no small children to make the cute things in it for, but I figure for possible grandchildren and gifts for other little kids. It is so darn cute, and now this pattern!! I think I may have to order this.

  3. ChiknGirl says:

    I received my beautiful kitchen gnomes in my mailbox yesterday and got started stitching today. I am not pleased with how it’s turning out, which is all my fault. I looked but couldn’t find an embroidery tutorial. Do you happen to have one? My stitches need help. :(

  4. Philippa says:

    I love these Gnomes, and though I do adore your printed patterns I wondered if these are available as pdfs?
    We are just revamping our kitchen, and I’d love to stitch some new tea towels as a finishing touch, but post from the US to the UK is so slooow at the moment I’m not sure I can wait patiently enough!
    Can I beg for some pdf goodness for us poor souls on the other side of the pond?

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