kitchen gnomes dish towels embroidery patterns

This is the embroidery homework I was talking about after Christmas. My pattern distributor, Brewer Sewing Supply asked me to come up with an embroidery design that they could offer as patterns and kits. They suggested dish towels and I thought that'd be a fun challenge, that is until I drew a complete blank. I couldn't decide if it needed to be something kitchen themed or if it could be just anything. And the size and detail were tough to nail down. After much emailing with my friend Jennifer, who has impeccable taste in needlework, I decided I would stick with a kitchen theme for them. After sketching some fun dishes (seemed kinda dry) and some anthropomorphized spices (too kooky. although might have to come back to that…) I landed on the helpful kitchen gnomes. Just like their outdoor cousins, the garden gnomes, these three are there for you when you need a little assistance or encouragement in the kitchen.

I used lovely flour sack towels from Dunroven House, DMC floss and some woven ribbon I had on hand. The PDF of the pattern is available in the shop.

32 thoughts on “kitchen gnomes dish towels embroidery patterns

  1. annri says:

    so adorable! can’t wait. i received your book as a christmas gift (!) and an inchworm is already underway. it is a wonderful book, i want to make everything in it. thank you.

  2. Kristen says:

    This is perfect! I’m trying to get a jump start on this year’s Christmas and embroidered kitchen towels is one of my ideas, but I hadn’t found the ‘right’ pattern until now. Thanks!

  3. lily boot says:

    They’re lovely and I think you hit upon the perfect combination with those dear little gnomes helping out in the kitchen! They’re almost like the Scandinavian tomtem keeping us safe as we bake and cook 🙂

  4. Angela says:

    Can’t wait to see these, I really want to make my own set of embroidery tea towels and retire my grandmother’s. I can’t just have a kitchen with no tea towels.

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