here we go again

I'm at that stage again with crochet. The one where I find lots of great ideas and patterns and fun things I want to try out and then punk out because I don't have the tenacity to stick with it. My crochet friend Teresa is moving back this Summer from Portland (suck it portland!) so maybe I'll have her sit down and finally teach me how to get past the 2nd row.

inspiration from "make it yourself: The Complete Step-by-Step Library of Needlework and Crafts", 1975.

27 thoughts on “here we go again

  1. Steph says:

    tjw1963 in youtube has the BEST videos for learning crochet. I taught myself from her videos which, if you knew how thick I can be, is really saying something about her ability.
    I totally want to make that baby bonnet in the 4th pic down!

  2. Claire says:

    How can I get that pattern for the cushions? Could ya post it?
    I went from a total knitting snob to a crocheting fool. Try a granny square, your life will be changed, (it is like joy in the palm of your hand) and your house will start to look like a grandma’s, like mine does.

  3. Alison Berry says:

    I love, love, love to crochet. It’s so relaxing. I learned mostly from youtube videos. I tried to teach myself knitting…but it just wasn’t the same. I’m terrible at doing large projects though, just don’t have the patience. I would totally make that bag above the dolls though. :)

  4. Erica says:

    I totally taught myself to crochet from some of those books! There was a bunch of them in my high school art room. I specifically remember the one with the lady in the blue sweater with the snazzy neckerchief.

  5. Heide says:

    I taught myself to knit from books, and could figure out pretty much any stitch, it just didn’t seem extremely difficult. But for some reason I just can not get crochet! It makes me feel like a moron! I need to check out some youtube stuff that other people left comments about.

  6. April says:

    AHH!! what awesome inspiration.
    I too need to employ my friend to help me past the starting stages of crochet. I started to teach myself this fall but haven’t gotten as far as I’d hoped. All the projects I like are far beyond my skill level!

  7. Seanna Lea says:

    Those are some terrific photos. I have an entire book of crochet sweaters that I bought when I learned to crochet in HS. I don’t think I ever made any of them! I should dig it out and see if any of them are still worth making.

  8. Becky says:

    Thanks a lot. I just had to buy the entire series on Ebay. I’ve never made anything as large as those cushions, but now I must try!

  9. Libbey says:

    I think there are those who can crochet and those who can knit the cross over seems to be difficult. I find crochet so easy while knitting frustrates the heck out of me. Crocheting in a circle can be hard to keep track of what row you are on try marking where you begin the circle so you can keep track of the row easier.

  10. Teresa T says:

    Becky – I also bought a set off ebay but you got yours for half the price I paid, you lucky duck!
    I need the little cardigan & hat pattern. Here’s hoping I learn to crochet real soon. I taught myself to knit but these comments are discouraging. Anybody like to do both?
    Also, my daughter is looking for a hobby so I figure she can use the set too.

  11. Kids crochet says:

    Those round stripy cushions are Cool pattern!!
    Would definitely be interested in the pattern.:)

    Crochet is actually good for mental health and a good hobby too.. I’ve done croching but not too large and this big…

  12. Alison says:

    My mom taught me to crochet & knit when I was little & while I enjoy both, I don’t do either on a regular basis. I find it’s easier to pick up crochet without feeling like I have to be taught all over again.
    After following this blog & browsing thru the world of Wee Wonderfuls for the past couple days, I KNOW Hilary can do anything she sets her mind to & will concur those crochet rounds!

  13. Jenny L says:

    Oh those big puffy cushions are adorable! I may just have to see if I can hunt down a similar pattern somewhere. The colors are amazing.

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