ruffle gal

Phew! Party’s over. I’ll share some project pics later. Once again, I was over ambitious. I think my parent helpers wanted to strangle me. One of these days I’ll figure out age and time appropriate party activities!

Phoebe and I crafted it up this morning while the boys were at Tron. Lots to share. First, this crazy gal…

I hot glued some ruffled trim to floral wire and then glued to a wood ball for the head. I didn’t have the right size styrofoam ball so had to go with wood. I stuck a tack in her head to hang the string. Here’s the inspiration. Cute huh! I love these old 50s Christmas magazines.

8 thoughts on “ruffle gal

  1. dottycookie says:

    Oh, I hear you with the over activity-ing. I have 11 5-8 year old little girls coming over tomorrow and I am in the middle of making 11 miniature gingerbread houses for them to decorate. From scratch. I think I am possibly insane …
    Glad your party went well!

  2. Teresa says:

    Hmmm…could make a cute tree topper on a larger scale. Aaron got a cheap but passable one at the grocery store so I’ll keep it in mind for next year.

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