gaudy awesome

I love ornaments. And most all of our favorites are made by Seasons of Cannon Falls. You see them at shops but they are near impossible to find online. I saw this very sparkly, very 50s, repro ornament at the shops the other day. I nearly bought but realized I had all the stuff on hand. So a bad of mini balls, some super stiff felt, spangly trim and glue gun later, ta da…

Isn’t she a beaut?!

Hope you’re in an ornament mood because I might have made 2 or 3 more. Two things came together… 1 – last year I remembered to collect a bag of Christmas crafty supplies and packed them away with the decorations to be discovered this year and 2 – I found glue sticks for my glue gun! Game on!

7 thoughts on “gaudy awesome

  1. JenZnewlife says:

    I’ve been a sequin fan(fanatic) in the past, broke that habit this year and just did simple felts. I think I’ll try this bead idea for next year. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Anja says:

    Ooooh! Super sparkle! Just love it. My son came home with something similar. A tree out of popsicle sticks and gems on the sticks. In the center his class foto. Where did you find the mini balls?

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