fun with pipecleaners

More ornaments for the handmade tree this year…

Another I saw it in a store and tried it myself ornament. I made this snowflake from white pipe cleaners and then soaked it in tea after. Nowhere as fluffy as the original - which I'm kicking myself for not buying -but still cute.

Phoebe's pom and pipe cleaner cupcake. Meant to be a pom covered ball but we ran out of poms so we cut the styrofoam ball in half and made a cupcake.

This guy was a little santa head on a stick so we twisted him a pipe cleaner body and made him a big old toy bag.

23 thoughts on “fun with pipecleaners

  1. Jennifer says:

    Loving your holiday craftiness and trying very hard to not feel inadequate looking at these cute (and completed!) projects. We’re in the middle of a move, so my home is littered with boxes. And I can’t tell you where half my craft supplies are. Sad times. 😉 Feel free to post a picture of a sink full of dirty dishes or a pile of unwrapped presents. It would make me feel so much better about myself. Merry Christmas!

  2. Hillary Lang says:

    on there’s plenty of that! this is the first christmas since we moved and phoebe was born that I haven’t been a total stress bucket. and actually had time to make things out of pipe cleaners!

  3. Teresa Raines says:

    I think all of the ornaments are just fantastic. But where did you find your inspiration ornaments? I would love to make a bunch of these to give as gifts next year! I’m all done for this year… well almost.

  4. Teresa says:

    Sigh… I will never have time to ornaments with my new job. But at this rate, your tree will be overloaded by next year and then maybe Aaron and I can just gather up and take whatever shakes loose from your tree.

  5. Sarah says:

    I think you just need the fluffier, thicker pipe cleaners and your snowflake would be just as great. On the other hand, I like the one you made just as much at the ones at the store. Very cute!

  6. Nicole says:

    Reading through your archives (in two days, as I mentioned!) I was thrilled to find you are a fellow Jay Ryan fan–he is my favourite artist. And the stack of animals print you have is my second-favourite thing he ever did (my favourite being the poster of Andrew Bird standing up in a boat playing violin).
    So you might be interested to know that he is having a wicked good sale over at the Bird Machine and has a ton of stuff for just twenty bucks, including an awesome postcard set which I am absolutely framing. And a really macabre Deadwood print that might not be up your alley but is amazing.
    The Flatstock poster is absolutely gold, especially. And he has some books up too.

  7. cheryl says:

    These are adorable! (just like everything else you make)
    Hey, I have a random question…
    I’m making my kids the Olive and Archie dolls for Christmas (2 Olives, 1 Archie), and I’m a little confused about the collar for Olive. If you have time, I’m just trying to figure out how you attached it to the other layers of fabric, and turned them right side out, without pulling the stitching out? Does that make any sense? I’m sure I’ll figure something out, but any help would be appreciated. ;o)

  8. kristine says:

    Loving all your ornaments this year!! The cupcake is such a great idea! Where did you see the original snowflake? I need to try to make some of those.

  9. Nicole says:

    I was very excited. I am on an extremely tight budget and have to make/thrift pretty much everything in my home–the opportunity to have 15 Jay Ryan prints, even in tiny postcard form, for 20 bucks, was too much temptation to bear. I really couldn’t afford it but I did it anyway. I’ll be thrifting pleasingly mismatched frames for them for the next six months if my past projects are any indication 🙂 That’s part of the fun, of course.

  10. Kris says:

    Where do you find the time? I have three littles (well, 9,7 & 3) and I’m still behind despite my best efforts =) Some will just have to wait after holiday.
    Love your blog, very inspirational. And those pipe cleaner snowflakes, love! I’ve made a few ornaments from pipe cleaners… but I actually buy real pipe cleaners. They are all cotton and super cheap! And they take dye very well =)
    Cheers! Kris

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