Clara and the nutcracker

I finished them! I’m still in my pajamas and have barely moved off the couch all day but I finished them! These are a couple of very ambitious projects but I’m so happy with how they turned out!

80 thoughts on “Clara and the nutcracker

  1. Jennifer says:

    Oh my goodness!! My daughter’s hair is in rags right now for dress rehearsal tonight and I really really need to make this for her. It’s perfectly wonderfully amazing.

  2. lou says:

    wow, she’s lovely and the nutcracker! eeeeek!!! i love the ballet shoes. inspirational!
    your book is a fave at our house… my 2.5 year old dolly-loving girl requests *let’s read my special book now* a few times a day

  3. kristin says:

    she’s really sweet Hillary! i’ve been waiting to see how that hair was going to turn out…and it’s adorable!! what i’d really love to make, is that nutcracker…cute!cute!cute!

  4. patricia says:

    They are so perfect. My daughter would be so thrilled. I will have to try my hand at this. Wish me luck! Thank you so much for so generously sharing your magnificent talents.

  5. Heather says:

    Clara is just the most perfect little doll I’ve ever seen. The hair, the shoes, the little eyelet dress! And her little Nutcracker is so perfectly nutcracker-y! Amazing.

  6. Ulla V. says:

    I’m simply gobsmacked. Such a fantastic pair they are.
    So many considerations about the perfect details and they are so carefully and beautifully accomplished. Once again you have shown us all what a brilliant artist you are. :))

  7. Michelle says:

    Oh my gosh… they’re adorable. Your long hard work payed off. What an accomplishment. I made five jars of spicy red-pepper jelly yesterday (a lot of work and dishes). It was my first attempt at canning. I finally finished the dishes today and then tasted the results of my labor. Yum, well worth it.

  8. eesh says:

    I usually don’t comment but I had to come out to say how truly amazing that is! Love the ringlets and that little nutcracker!

  9. Alice S says:

    Clara is amazingly beautiful! What I would give to be able to see my daughter’s delight at receiving this beauty. I’m in awe of your abilities.

  10. Debbie says:

    she is utterly gorgeous! My little Nutcracker dancer has long since grown up but this doll is so beautiful I’m tempted . . . .now only to find jammie sitting time.

  11. Joanna says:

    Her hair really is amazing – I can’t wait to hear how you did it! Your book just arrived at my house this morning in the mail and I am SO flippin’ excited! I’m going to make my little girl the topsy turvy doll for Christmas and I have my youngest boy looking through it right now to tell me if he sees anything cool that he likes ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s just a beautiful book – better than anything I expected!

  12. jam says:

    I’ll be out looking for the yarn tonight in anticipation of this cuter than ever Clara.
    Hope I can pull it off in time for my little ballerina’s Christmas.

  13. Mary Ann says:

    Oh my gosh, Clara is my granddaughters favorite! At almost 3 she knows the story, I’m ready to curl up and sew. This is amazing work!

  14. amy k. says:

    Outstanding!! standing up and clapping here.
    the girls are FREAKING out. you are a crazy genius! the toe shoes kill, as do the nutcracker. and clara is perfect.

  15. Melly says:

    If you use acrylic yarn you can do the wrap the yarn as tightly as you did and bake the needles and yarn at 250 for 10-20 minutes. The curls will be less tight but will be quite sprongy.

  16. Eva says:

    Oh my! So beautiful!!! This week I saw the ballet for the first time and I loved it! Both Clara and the Nutcracker are perfectly in synch with the feel and atmosphere I got from the ballet. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Leslie says:

    Hillary – you’re sending me right to making another one of your incredible doll inventions. You never cease to amaze me, you are one talented doll/pattern/maker. Off to buy your pattern! I can’t let this one pass!

  18. Clara says:

    This is just gorgeous!
    My name is Clara and so I love finding Clara’y Nutcracker things! All your dolls are so pretty but of course this is my favorite now! Really stunning and the Nutcracker too is amazing with the detail ๐Ÿ˜€
    I’ve asked for your book for Christmas and now I’ll ask for this pattern too So I can attempt it!
    <333 lovely job!

  19. Rebecca says:

    Oh, wow. Just wow. When you first posted your progress on the ringlets, I have to admit I thought that Clara might end up with dreadlocks. I was so wrong. She is perfect!!!

  20. Childlife says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for posting your little odyssey here.
    I’ve been eying this series of posts for weeks and when a copy of your book turned up under my Christmas tree, I decided to give Clara a go this year — for next Christmas. (I have no illusions about my abilities so I figure if I start now, I may actually finish by next Christmas.)
    I have a little ballerina who will be delighted if all goes well! And again, many thanks (I decided it would be best to send my thanks now before I’m up to my eyeballs in ringlets and white glue and wondering what ever possessed me…)

  21. Melissa says:

    I LOVE this doll! However, there is no way that I am talented enough to make it. Is there any way you’ll make a Clara and Nutcracker embroidery pattern? I’ve ordered several of your embroidery patterns to make my girls’ stockings and softies, and I’d love to make Clara and Nutcrackers for them for next Christmas.

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