It's that time of the year… lists and crafts. My two favorites! Today on my list: make master list of lists – check, go to post office – check, blog something – check, and work on Clara doll. I thought I'd try to make a Clara and Nutcracker doll from the Elise/Elsa Elf pattern. If it turns out cute I'd put the changes up as a freebie add on for the pattern. Before I can get to the nutracker I need to figure out Clara's hair. Right now I'm in the middle of the great ringlet experiment.

a little inspiration from the library

fortifying the ringlets

pinning them in place

24 thoughts on “ringlets

  1. Chris says:

    “Fortifying the ringlets” is a fabulous phrase. I’m making lists, including a crafts list, today too. The first of December is too frightening to face without lists.

  2. Katherine says:

    Wow! What do you have in the middle of those ringlets? They look pretty stiff. If I was going to experiment with ringlets I’d try pipe cleaners, rolling batting, and yarn I guess. Interesting experiment!

  3. Bek says:

    Woah, those ringlets look intense! Very cute! I am almost finished making my first Folkster, and despite her having my trademark wonkiness, she is pretty cute. It is a really lovely pattern!

  4. Mia says:

    I started collecting nutcrackers as a child when I did ballet and performed in the Nutcracker. I always wanted to play Clara, partly because she got to have adorable ringlets and I had to have the stiff bun. I can’t wait to see how they turn out!!!

  5. carrie says:

    That hair is amazing! I would have loved to sit behind that hair in kindergarden and boing it. I am making lists, too. Most of the items on my list start with “Cut out pieces for Ellie Elephant.” Your great bag has become my go-to gift for all the birthday/holiday gifts for little girls this season. I can’t thank you enough!

  6. Laura says:

    Oh my goodness, both my kids (boy and girl) are dancing in the Nutcracker this year. And I am struggling with ringlets in my daughter’s real hair. I would be so excited to make them each a doll and so hope you post a tutorial. We have our Elsa Elf sitting out that I made last year for Christmas.

  7. Bianca says:

    I appreciate that you are dedicated to finding new ways to make hair for dolls. Is it an obsession? Do you dream about this at night?
    The ringlets are amazing. I can’t wait to see the finished Clara.

  8. Collins says:

    Can’t wait to see how this turns out! I have this pattern, and my niece is Clara this year in the Nutcracker!! I know she would love this for Christmas.

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