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Thanks for all your wonderful suggestions for party crafts! Lots of great ideas here and lots Oscar and I are going to try out on his week off from school. We decided our project list now it's time to make a shopping list. I'm hoping to get everything ready and packed up next week so I can move on to other holiday (& birthday) activities. I skipped projects with too much glue and everything with frosting. And anything too complicated or with too much prep work.  I want to jam in lots of projects so I'm going for the super simple. Here are some of the projects we're doing…

pipe cleaner candy canes



popsicle stick puzzles



holiday crackers


candy cane mice

kid designed magnets


We're also doing thumbprint snowman bookmarks and a few more pipe cleaner crafts. After all the making we're going to set up a wrapping station where the kids can color gift tags and make gift bags and wrap all their projects up to give as gifts. I hope it's fun! Of course there will be a big ole "sweet treat" at the end. That should make them happy!

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  1. Emily S says:

    Those candy cane mice are so adorable! I can’t wait until my little one is old enough to craft with. Right now, crafting mostly consists of trying to keep her from eating all the crayons…

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