ice skate!

Grandma’s is done. Now one for me! And another reader halfway done. Wondering how much I can finish tonight. Anything good on tv to keep me awake?

14 thoughts on “ice skate!

  1. Claire Garland says:

    You’re good – I’m hopeless – my plan to make everyone a gift this Christmas has yet to come into fruition – I will though I’m determined and I’ll post mine when I get them done (better start then!) – if only the time would stand still for a few hours each day like you said.
    Claire x

  2. IamSusie says:

    So cute! Surely you watch The Real Housewives.. It’s a fun guilty pleasure for when everyone else is in bed. They are so ridiculously entertaining, I can’t stop watching.

  3. BunnyMarie says:

    I just had to take a peek. I have heard so much about Wee Wonderfuls now I see why. Everything is lovely. Just starting a blog myself will be up and running Monday am so excited! I make little brown bunnies. Stop by Monday and take a peek.

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