I know what I’m doing tomorrow!

Felt holiday ornament kits from alicia arrived today! I’m feeling a pleasant pre-holiday buzz these days. Not to be all type A on you but I did just get back from driving all over tarnation to Gymboree shops gathering up this year’s matching pajamas and I might already have ordered the Christmas outfits and bought the advent calendars (they were right at the check out counter!). That’s it for the crazy. Although I do actually need to get started on my handmade list. I really tanked on handmade last year. I’m determined to do better this year.

13 thoughts on “I know what I’m doing tomorrow!

  1. lisa says:

    Good job on the early start. Feel lucky your kids are close in age. Try finding matching PJ’s for a 14 and 5 yr old. Its impossible.

  2. peanut says:

    I nearly dug out our advent calendar (a little quilted one with pocket) this afternoon so I could start deciding what to fill the pockets with 🙂 (Un)Fortunately it is in a bin under a few boxes in an awkward to reach closet. I just got yarn for a couple of Christmas hats though and I think those will be cast-on tomorrow at the latest.

  3. Sarah says:

    Ahhhhhhh! Can’t WAIT for my ornaments to come! Are you doing The Pillow Challenge over at House on Hill Road? I am working on your Betsy Pillow for it— and the pattern is WONDERFUL to follow! THANKS! Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  4. Emily S says:

    Thanks for making me feel like a super slacker! But really, those jammies are adorable and I wish I would have jumped in on the ornaments, but I know that I never would have gotten around to making them this year.

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