today is not sunday

This weekend has me all screwed up. I keep thinking I have another day. The endless 3 day weekend. Further adding to my confusion is the weather, mid 80s in mid October. It's all well and good but the family's biorhythms have switched over to Fall and we were all about the indoor activities despite the warm weather…lots of coloring and drawings and lots & lots of Pokemon. We did some crafting. I was super inspired by this fuse bead project. Oscar was all over it too so we got the big jar at Ikea and have been toiling away on our creations.

(In full disclosure of my holiday craziness: while we were at ikea we noticed they had their xmas stuff out. Every year there are a few things we can't live without.)

But back on track, we're getting ready for Oscar's class Halloween party. We made the treat bags and are starting next on Heidi's ghost cozies.

We did get out for a quick run (and about 300 pictures) through Fall's splendor. Hope you're having/had a great 3/2 day weekend!

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