Halloween decorating

Oscar has been dying to decorate for Halloween for weeks now. We told him we'd have to wait on the official decorations until it was actually October so he took it upon himself to start early. These stealth decorations keep popping up.

But don't feel sad for him, everything is up now. These are my favorites, our owly bats.

11 thoughts on “Halloween decorating

  1. Janimal says:

    Ha – I love the stealth decorating! My husband was itching to decorate for Halloween at the beginning of September.
    Just want you to know, I made some Mermaidens and blogged about your book, which I will be linking to some blog parties this week. I really love it and am excited about the patterns – so thanks very much!

  2. Audra says:

    I love that the little ghost looks like he is emerging from the electrical outlet…as if the utilities of the house are haunted.
    I bought all of the stuff for Mermaiden, the sleep over pals and the doxie necklace. Looking forward to crafting this weekend!

  3. cathygaubert says:

    ah, the stealth decorating. it must be the age as i have a stealth decorator of my own, too. and dangit, i need those bats (and so many other wonderful things in her shop!).
    i haven’t made anything from the book yet, but i look through it every single day and smile and dream. that’s got to count for something, right? i really do believe that it may be my most favorite book ever. it’s perfect. i swear it.

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