red white and blue

these sure didn't suck! they're definitely going on my wacky holiday dessert list for next year too. I also made the watermelon bombe, yum!

I like how these pics make it look like the bicentennial.

10 thoughts on “red white and blue

  1. Heidi says:

    Our national colours 😉 !!
    May i ask you a question? I’m a follower of your blog for about two years now and i think i remember you buying a blythe doll once. Well, i want to buy a blythe for some time but everytime i’m ready to buy one i think that its a lot of money for a doll. I wonder if it’s worth the money. So are you still “playing” with your Blythe? Do you think its worth he money or is it just the thrill of buying it and after a while the Blythe ends up in the closet?
    i really really want winsom willow.
    XO Heidi

  2. becky says:

    i love the photo!! cute stuff…and oh that summer sun! I have been following the family room and now bedrooms and can i say–well done! i am a bit jealous of the lovely storage solutions and don’t get me started on that slipcover!

  3. Hillary Lang says:

    hi heidi,
    I got one of the cheaper ones. one of the reproduction ones, I can’t even remember now what they were called. I still love her but I never ended up sewing her tons of tiny outfits like I thought I would. maybe when I pass her on to my daughter we’ll play with her together. the real ones are quite an investment aren’t they.

  4. amy k. says:

    oh wow! the strawberries are outstanding!
    your big boy is freaking me out-when did he get so old? gah! he’s a heartbreaker!!! and your sweet girl looks so cute!

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