botched with optimism

my next adventure in sewing for myself is this dress, simplicity
2363 that i blogged over here. it was close but I'm going to have to
call this one a failure for me. (not the pattern, just my dress!). It
turned out too big. kinda way to big. I took it in on the sides to get it to fit but now the bodice looks too big for the dress. it doesn't help that it's emphasized by this rope trim I used hoping for a cute nautical thing but ending up looking sloppy. also not sure the fabric was the right
choice. so, botched. but I say it optimistically because I feel like
I'm getting close. I honestly didn't expect even moderate success right
out of the gate. I expected to sew 4-5 things that failed before I hit
on one that really works. pathetic, I know. but realistic. me and sewing for myself have a troubled history. but I have very high hopes for my next project! navy
blue linen a-line skirt.

and I'm ready to be really motivated/inspired because project runway starts tonight!!!

16 thoughts on “botched with optimism

  1. Rachel says:

    In my sewing with patterns experience, things always turn out bigger. Even if you match up your size with the one on the back. I always have to take things way in before the fit properly. Next one will be better!

  2. daisy says:

    love project runway too. here in portugal they finally decided to do our own national version of it. just when i’m going on holidays and won’t be at home to see…
    good luck with that dress, i hope you have a nice first experience!

  3. amanda says:

    It’s just sooo hard sewing for yourself. You try it on as soon as it’s done and you realize that it’s just not right. Although if I bother to make a muslin I would know earlier. But who has time for them?
    And yes to Project Runway too!

  4. Susan says:

    I have had the same problems getting patterns to fit just right. I have a book by Sandra Betzina that is excellent for understanding how to make the correct pattern alterations. Project Runway!!! I didn’t know it started this evening. Now I’m really excited!!!!

  5. Kathleen says:

    I am totally unsuccessful at sewing for myself, too. I am tall and thin, but I have wide, square shoulders and a bit of a mommy tummy, so that doesn’t help. I end up making things sleeveless when they are supposed to have sleeves because I can’t even lift my arms if I put sleeves in the too narrow shoulders. Whenever I have tried to fix the shoulder issue I have ended up with the whole shirt being too wide. Even with instructions on how to properly alter the shirt I can’t get it right. I’m ready to give up!

  6. Carolyn says:

    That pattern (that I naturally looked up after you posted about it) had very bad reviews as far as sizing was concerned! I think it lacked some finished size measurements? It was doomed from the start! 😉

  7. Tera says:

    I make one awesome piece of clothing every 10 years. I throw much away. Recently I haven’t tried because I am just scared despite really having the itch to make myself a type of shirt I can’t find in stores but have the pattern for:> This post made me want to try again. I keep putting it off for fear of FAILURESSSS. I promise this time I won’t be so hard on myself if I do. Off to the fabric store…….

  8. blair says:

    Hillary, I had a chance to look through your book this week. Genius, gorgeous, inspiring, and beautiful! You should be so proud. (See? fit isn’t everything! 😀 )

  9. hillary says:

    yes! man I need help. I just cut out three patterns, 2 shirts and a dress in a size two sizes smaller than it says should fit me. I’m realizing I maybe should have sewn one up before cutting the other two. I get real spazzy when it comes to sewing for myself.
    I used your yardage recommendations when I was at the fabric shop and they worked out great!!

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