Hey blog, sorry for the absence lately. We had a little Junebaby turning three this week and it's been busy busy. We've been to the movies, the baseball game, seen some frisbee catching dogs, opened lots of presents, blown lots of bubbles and eaten LOTS of insane cake. 

Our house has been a wreck because of a painting project so I wasn't able to throw Phoebe a proper party so I made up for my guilt by attempting a cake way out of my comfort zone. Here she is, the rainbow cake.

I followed this gal's directions here and, for the most part, it was a huge success. Only problem was that I ran out of frosting so it was sorta threadbare, oh and also the blue layer mutinied on the drive over to my parents and slid itself halfway out of the cake! I think if I were going to make this again I'd try to use a more traditional sticky frosting between the layers to hold it together and then use the cool whip mix frosting (which was delicious!) for the outer frosting. We were able to smash it all back together and it was yummy so ta-da!! 

19 thoughts on “three!

  1. Asha says:

    I love that you call Phoebe June Baby still, she is so adorable!
    The cake came out beautiful, every time I see it in bloggerland, I think, I have to make that. My aunt wanted to make one for my cousin but didn’t have the extra pans or time so she mixed all her colorful batters separately and just poured each color in one pan and it created the most beautiful effect, still looking like a rainbow. Think of all the color combo possibilities for a quick cake!

  2. Jenni says:

    Oh – fantastic! I also made a rainbow cake this past November (also for a three-year old). I recommend sticky frosting (I used butter cream – worked well). Did not think to add rainbow candy to the top – nice idea!

  3. Yolanda says:

    Have you seen this video?

    I will be making a rainbow cake for my July baby’s third birthday next month. We’re having a whole rainbow-themed birthday party and I’m documenting the planning process on my blog. Tackling that cake is definitely going to be scary for me, but since I’m declaring it ahead of time on my blog, there’s no backing out, now :-) Yours looks divine.

  4. Shari says:

    That is a very cool cake. My aunt loves all things rainbow. I’ll have to share this with her. My family does a rainbow jello with colored layers and white in between, but waiting for all those layers to set is a pain!

  5. amy k. says:

    oh wow–that cake! so awesome!!
    and my almost three year old is getting that snow white dress. delia’s is too big and too precious for sharing, I’m told.
    happy 3 Phoebe!!!

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