I'm starting to work a bit on book promotion these days. The animation should be up soon! We got kind of stuck on music which has definitely been the most challenging part. Right now I'm working on answers to  some interview questions. I'm not having much luck. I don't have my Summer routine/work grove figured out yet. I've been working on these all week and my brain is a blank. My answers are soooo boring.

Describe your work area – overrun
with toys and books and crap because everything from the room being painted is in front of my sewing closet.

What's a typical day in the life of Hillary Lang – running the kids around town to their various activities, trying to come up with rainy day fun, breaking up fights and making 20 snacks a day.

I think I'll feel normal again once I get my craft room back. I can't wait! I have lots of house reorganizing projects planned and first on the list, purge. I realized I can't make anything because I'm bogged down with all the stuff I've already made. I need to get some things up and out this house.

8 thoughts on “disarray

  1. melissa f. says:

    how do you juggle all of your awesomeness with all of your other awesomeness? those are the kind of questions i’d ask. i like to keep the illusion alive.

  2. Katie says:

    Anything you’ve made that you’ve no space for
    is very welcome at our house…Can’t wait for the book to come out, best of luck with the promotion – enjoy it!

  3. Marci Girl says:

    I am laughing so hard right now at that photo. I swear I am both of those children rolled into one right now…the girl in the front looking so sly and the little boy in the back rolling on the lawn. So precious!

  4. Jennifer Tyler says:

    Your answers are the right answers. There is nothing more frustrating than reading contrived answers. Anyone who has children knows the real answers, don’t fake it. I like you more if you are honest. It’s super frustrating to try to be a craft professional and read about someone who is living some fantasy life. It is almost insulting. I love that you make 20 snacks a day, if you wrote a book about what snacks you are serving, I’d buy it. I love the real world, keep writing about it! So excited about your book and love your work!

  5. Stephanie Monroe says:

    Congrats on your new book. I visit your blog from time to time and have all of the books you’ve contributed to. You do great work! You’ve definitely got your hands full.
    And on the 20 snacks a day bit, I can only imagine how busy your cutie pies keep you. I only have one and she’s always hungry for a snack!

  6. nancy heard says:

    i actually love those answers because they’re truthful. they make me feel more sane! one thing i would love to know about how you work (because i clearly have no idea how to do this): how on earth do you accomplish any of your projects with two young kids? how do you keep them entertained so that you can work??

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