apples are for teachers

As are hokey, but made with love, handmade gifts from the class. When trying to think of something to make for our beloved kindergarten teacher my light bulb went off on wanting something that looks like a normal thing from one side an has the gooey sentimental underbelly on the other side. Of this was born the apple pillow…

One side is cool japanese import fabric I had in my stash with the ubiquitous apples. The other side is the kids class photos printed out on fabric and sewn on to the pillow backing with their names handwritten beneath them. Great thing about this project is it goes together super quick. I bought the printer friendly packaged fabric sheets at joanns, a pillow form, some nice sakura permanent markers and was all set to go.

19 thoughts on “apples are for teachers

  1. Megan says:

    As a former kindergarten teacher, I can tell you she will LOVE this gift. My favorites were the handmade ones, but this one is cute too. She is a lucky lady.

  2. Bonnie Riffle says:

    that is truly the apple fabric!! now you’ve got me son is in 2nd grade, we have one more week of school left..maybe my son and i can come up with a clever little handmade gift for his teacher! thank you for the inspiration!

  3. mandi says:

    As a former teacher I can say- this is awesome! The print is so nice and modern, not the usual country kitchen apples. I have a list of some hilarious teacher gifts. But, as hokey as they may be, I loved the ones like this one. With the kids on them or their handprints, or whatever. So special. I don’t know if parents realize how important each child is to the teacher, so gifts like this are always appreciated.
    This has inspired me to write a post on favorite teacher gifts!

  4. tif says:

    ooohhhh, how sweet! what a great idea….
    and I see in your reading list Llama llama mad at mama…. this book was picked out by my son, who is autistic…. he loves the facial expressions…. after reading this book he vocalized the “naughty” behavior at the market, and realized he does the same thing. I have not had an outburst in the market since! I love teachable books.

  5. polwig says:

    That’s a wondeful idea. I love it. Too bad my kiddos are not yet in school and my older daughter is too old. This could also work for grandma’s or mothers easily

  6. samm says:

    Another teacher chiming in to say that this is the most wonderful idea! I would have loved to receive such a gift. I still have Christmas ornaments that students made, some signed by little hands. I treasure these. The other special gifts given me were letters from parents and children at the end of our year together. 🙂 Great idea! Beautiful gift.

  7. joy says:

    i teach kindergarten!!!
    wishing oscar was in my class!!
    (now I need to make one of these for my classroom for every year!!)-thanks for the inspiration

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