scenes from the craft room

We’re gripped in end of school frenzy over here, as I imagine most everyone is. I’ve popped in to say that I sent an email out to the mailing list but it did not send. Another computer dilemma needing to be fixed. Love those. Anyhoo, the news of the day… there is another batch of Super X-Stitchettes in the shop.

other projects cooking in here:

phoebe’s 3rd birthday

and part of a super great swap with the queen of cross stitch, jen. aren’t these amazing!!

19 thoughts on “scenes from the craft room

  1. Jennifer says:

    My friend had that Barbie townhouse, and we used to put our Barbies in that elevator, yank the cord, and let Barbie fly. Don’t think that’s what Mattel had in mind. Thanks for bringing back those questionable memories!

  2. mandy says:

    OMG!!! I loved my Barbie Townhouse! played with it for years. I wish I still had it. I’m sure my mom sold it in a garage sale!

  3. Bean says:

    I had the same Barbie townhouse, too – but I did NOT like it. Sorry!! The elevator string was weak! The plastic columns sucked! Bah!! Press-board piece of junk, it fell apart and eventually was looked like the projects instead of a condo 😛

  4. angelina says:

    the plastic columns did get in the way. but man oh man i loved it. i wish i had your pamplet. where did you get it? ive got a photo of myself standing christmas morning beside my barbie townhouse. man, i was smiling..=) thank you for the memory stirrer!
    ps. i went to college with a musician named tim lang, coincidence..

  5. nancy heard says:

    OMIGOSH THE BARBIE TOWNHOUSE!!! so cool! i was insanely jealous of any friend who had one when i was a kid. 😀

  6. Lisa says:

    How funny. I just bought a barbie townhouse in wood, complete with elevator, from my neighbour on the weekend at their garage sale. $30 complete with 5 barbies and a huge box full of clothes. They dusted their hands off and said “it’s all yours now”. laughing as they went. My three daughters love it.

  7. Elizabeth K says:

    I had that Barbie townhouse! When my parents would drag me along to the Home Depot equivalent in our town I would steal the wallpaper samples and tape the on the walls.

  8. Care says:

    I had that townhouse… and have it again, all set up in my basement! Ah, the joys of ebay and a sister who knows what I like! :o) Good times, I tell ya. My favorite room was always the living room, with the cheetah (leopard?)….

  9. Margaret says:

    I love the teeny little cross-stitch ornaments! I’m working on a fairly large cross-stitch piece on a far-too-large piece of fabric, and this gives me an excellent idea of what to do with all the scraps around the edges once I finish … although that fabric is quite a bit nicer (and smaller) than the 18 count I’m using.

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