day 5 – finally a bubble

I’ve been wanting to make Phoebe a bubble skirted dress for quite a while now so I picked up this pattern, Simplicity 2680, for kids clothes sewing week. I’d cut the dress out of my new very cool striped nani iro cotton gauze and was all ready to go but for some reason it seemed daunting so I put it off all weekend. Yesterday I had some time to sew but totally was not feeling it. I forced myself to just do the first step and that got the ball rolling. I was distracted, in and out of the sewing room, but I went through the motions and voila, it’s a dress. I love this dress. I feel like it made itself despite my bad attitude. And man, it’s soooo cute. The fabric was a perfect match for the dress and the pattern was easy and even my zipper went in okay. I think this is a candidate for the junebaby’s birthday dress.

We’ve been the house of funk lately (and not in a good way) so I’m hoping we can implement my new going through the motions methodology to further successes. Let’s turn this ship around!

9 thoughts on “day 5 – finally a bubble

  1. angie in asheville says:

    That is so very cute…good job! I hate it when I’m in a funk, all wanting to do stuff, but just unable to muster the focus. Always such a nice feeling when you snap out of it!

  2. mon ami says:

    This is so dang cute!
    I totally know that feeling of sewing while unmotivated and uninspired. I’m trying to walk away more in those moments because I find I make more mistakes then and and much less calm in order to fix them.

  3. Shannon says:

    Adorable! And I can completely sympathize on the difficulty getting motivated to start. I find it hard to carve out the time to sew but when I do, man it feels good and I just need to remember how good it feels.

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