day 5 – dots

It's actually warm enough to wear this dress today, when the wind's not blowing. This one was total instant gratification: a thrifted housedress + japanese craft book + 10 minutes.

don't mind the model, she's got a little cookie in the mouth. hard to catch her not eating.

11 thoughts on “day 5 – dots

  1. peanut says:

    Too cute! I have a sundress a lot like that (but for some reason someone put a zipper in the back – maybe I’ll take that out this year). send some of that warm weather north – we’re expecting snow tomorrow.

  2. water works says:

    I am loving those cool socks! A housedress? Really? My neighbor still wears those…outside…all the time…usually without her unders! I can’t wait to be over 90 and eccentric!

  3. Phebe says:

    I’d love to know what book it was ! This is so cute and looks like something I might be capable of doing…

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