day 4 – ball point needle

Yesterday I put the ball point needle in my machine to make a dress for Phoebe from some Heather Ross jersey fabric I’ve had forever. I used a pattern from the girly style book but made the longer dress version. So everything went together no problem. Between my serger and the ball point needle it was a breeze. And it looks nice on a hanger but on Phoebe it looks a mess. First, she hates the big floppy ties on her shoulders. Second, I’m not a fan of the v-neck. Third, it was super flared and way too long. This picture was taken after my first attempt at a fix which was to trim it to a narrower fit and then I added gathered bits with elastic thread on either side to try to make it a sort of bunchy 80s look. It’s still way too long. So now I’m trying to decide between cutting off the bottom 10″ or so and making it a top but it’d still have the v and the ties. Or cutting the top 10″ off and making maybe a strappy top or using more elastic thread to make a bunchy bodice. I don’t know. I hate to cut it at all because the fabric is so dang cute. Maybe it’ll just be a nightgown.

I was inspired though by how easy it was to work with a knit fabric. I had some ribbed jersey in my stash so I made up two quick pairs of leggings. They turned out pretty dang cute. I might need to make a knit fabric run before day 5 gets going.

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  1. Andrea_r says:

    I love knits so much – made a TON of clothes for my 3 kids when they were really little. you can get os much out of a yard or two.
    For the ties, why not shorten them so they overlap the shoulder line by a couple inches, and add a button & buttonhole?
    You should be able to narrow in the side seams a bit too. Just head straight down from the underarm to the hem. Swing that line in a bit. 😉

  2. annri says:

    So cute. That print is awesome! Perhaps you could inset some fabric in the v-neck? I like the colors you found for the leggings. I usually buy our daughter’s leggings because I’m a bit afraid of sewing knits and our local fabric shop doesn’t usually have what I’m hoping for. I think I’m going to look more carefully next visit… Thanks!

  3. Jacqui says:

    I’d second Andrea R’s suggestion for the shoulders and the sides because you’re right, the fabric’s gorgeous and shouldn’t be wasted!
    I made a pair of leggings last night as part of the challenge but had to stop part way so I could try them on my daughter this morning. The pattern’s from a Japanese book and while the sizes are usually right on this legging one is obviously for very slim kids! I need to find another pattern or alter this one. But wow they’re so easy to make, I’m never buying a pair again – especially considering how much you can end up paying for them in a shop.

  4. Ana says:

    Yeah… I’m not a big fan of v-necks for little girls; I find they look weird on them (although the dress looks adorable on the hanger). I think I’d go with cutting off the top (especially since the ties bother her), maybe you can use the scraps for doll dresses or little balls or something small like that so they wouldn’t go to waste.

  5. Kathleen says:

    I made my daughter the shirt from that pattern a couple of years ago and she too was not a fan of the ties. Luckily it was just some KJR basketweave with unbleached muslin lining. That fabric is too die for though. Maybe after you take a break from the frustration of it you will have the patience to try some more altering.

  6. poppet says:

    I agree, it looks great on the hanger it’s a shame it didn’t fit right. It sounds like somethings I’ve made in the past. I don’t think my daughter will ever where anything I make, but I keep trying all the same.

  7. Jan says:

    Love, LOVE the dress. Don’t despair. When my girls were little, they were quite small for their age, and I cried over my sewing machine many-a-day trying to make cute little girl clothes, instead of baby things. If I were you, I’d just put it in the back of the closet and wait a couple of years. She’ll look adorable, and probably love the tie up sleeves by then.

  8. Katherine says:

    Why not save the dress for next summer. If it is too big now it will have grow into room and she might not mind the ties then. Also it’ll give you plenty of time to play around with how to save it. Maybe a waistband would help, although you could just end up with a giant sack.

  9. Verity says:

    It does look great and the fabric is gorgeous, what a shame it does not fit – perhaps use some of the floppy ties at the shoulders to make a bow to hide the v neck.

  10. Sarah says:

    oh. my!
    love love that print.
    why not cut off the top and add elastic for a simple gathered skirt?
    i’m sure you could use the top pieces for a lovie outfit?

  11. kristy says:

    Definitely, wait until she grows into it – that fabric is gold! I need to find a Canadian online fabric store that sells Heather Ross.

  12. says:

    Dear Hillary Lang,
    I am very, very excited for your first book. I have been reading your blog and sewing your patterns for a few years. Your drawings and instructions are very simple and easy to follow.
    I love making your kitty, bear, and rabbit.
    I wish you all the best and I think you are extraordinarly creative with a needle.
    Your friend, Camille

  13. Eva at Two Pockets says:

    Are you using a cover-stitch machine or serger with cover-stitch capability to make those leggings? If so, which machine, please? I’m really getting into sewing knits and my serger does NOT have the cover-stitch feature so I’m debating about buying an additional machine.
    Thank you!

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