day 2 – less clowny pants

Okay, I've figured it out. I'm going to do 7 days for the kids sewing week challenge but they'll probably not end up being consecutive. I'll probably be more every other day… botch something one day, finish something the next, botch the next thing, etc.

Yesterday I made some crazy poofy clown pants from this cute vintage pink fabric with flocked white flowers that I've been saving forever. I was sad to have to use the remaining fabric on a 2nd, less clown-like, pair of pants but I had my heart set on these flocked flower pants. For the 2nd pair I used the infamous Simplicity 4206 and they turned out swell! The first pants were from McCalls 6022. I have a shirt cut out from that pattern too. Hopefully it'll work out better for me. With pants I always feel like I sewed them together wrong. But is that possible? If they can fit legs into them you did it right, right? I think the fit is just more babylike on those first ones. These 4206 are more fitted which I like better but still a little wide. I'll probably make another slimmer pair and maybe add pockets.

Here's Phoebe modeing her 4206 pants with her you-go-away mom finger.

7 thoughts on “day 2 – less clowny pants

  1. Jennifer Gale says:

    Oh my goodness. I HATE MCCALLS. Every pattern I’ve ever used of theirs is sized for crazy long-armed fat-legged monkeys from outer space.
    These pants look cute, though. 🙂

  2. tif says:

    how funny…. I have just cut out a good 10 pairs of these pants for the boys….. I like to make them “capri” length for summer! 4206, all the way!

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