**update** The first batch is sold out now. We have a few more projects cued up for the printer but will reprint these again, within a month or so.

The Super X-Stitchettes are now up in the shop. And guess what, they're a printed actual real-life thing! Our delay in getting these out was that we wanted to (finally) try out
the new fancy printer we bought last year. And although it gave us our
share of headaches, as any printing seems to do, we are so pleased with
the postcard sized prints. They look great! Just like actual stitched linen. It's a nice little something something to stick in a frame while you work on the actual cross stitch.

Since we're printing these ourselves we have pretty limited availability. That's the downside to going real over pdf but oh it feels so great to have a smooth pretty postcard in your hands. And to get real mail! Can't beat that.

The pattern includes the postcard, the stitch chart of the 4 heros and a full alphabet so you can personalize them.

22 thoughts on “supers

  1. Katie B says:

    These are super cute! I’d love to make one, but can you give me an idea of the difficulty level? I haven’t cross-stitched in a loooong time.

  2. Charm says:

    if theres one thing i’ve learnt over the years… its to place my order the minute you post! glad i made it this time! cant wait for my weewonderfuls mail!!

  3. Liz says:

    I got mine in the mail the other day, so cute! Went out today and bought all the floss but I couldn’t find 28 ct fabric anywhere locally. grr

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