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My order of Nani Iro from Matatabi arrived this week. It's gone to the top of the pile. I want to pick up that Simplicity 4206 and also I've been looking around at inspiration… the floral would make a great romper and man do I love this dress. While I hunt for paint splatter fabric maybe this would be a cute style for the stripey print, but I don't know if I can make that bubble skirt. Does Simplicity have a pattern for that?!

What is not making the roster is this pinwheel quilt. I'm giving up on it. Every time I think I have it, I lose it again. 2 squares which match beautifully and another 2, but those 4 won't match up at all. I just don't have the brain power for it right now. I think I'm going to start over with the same fabrics and some nice even rectangles.

18 thoughts on “roster change

  1. carol says:

    I have that pattern- Penny outgrew it. In fact, you need to look through my patterns and just take them…I just don’t have time for sewing (boo).

  2. Lisa says:

    Oliver and S has a fab bubble dress pattern! I’ve also seen a few on Etsy, although I can’t remember where at the moment LOL!

  3. Tiffanie says:

    have you thought about making your own splatter fabric with a solid fabric and bleach and a spray bottle or brush. just a suggestion.

  4. Nancy Cook says:

    I like the splatter fabric suggestion from Tiffanie – that dress is great. I’m also really into rompers and the Simplicity 4206 is so good. I should add my projects to that group

  5. michelle says:

    My goodness – that romper is to die for. I love it!
    Bubble skirts are easy-peasy. I’ve made about a dozen of them in the past few months. I never could find a very good tutorial online….maybe I should make one. I’ll let you know if I do.

  6. Teresa says:

    I think I recognize those fabrics in the pinwheel quilt. Am I right? Looks complicated. Don’t stress yourself. Simple is beautiful.

  7. becky says:

    hey- throw those 4 blocks together and make a little doll quilt. it will get lots of love by someone who doesn’t judge the imperfections.

  8. Michele says:

    I really enjoyed looking through your blog, what a neato site…my only daughter is 25 now but my son and daughter in law have blessed me with 2 grandaughters…let the sewing begin! Sew much fun,
    Michele in Arizona

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