CameraBag on the iPhone in the park

Can this be blamed for me completely spacing the kids' dentist appointments today? To be honest I would have forgotten them anyway but I like the idea of distracted photographer type wandering the park better than dingy scattered mom getting her days screwed up.

5 thoughts on “CameraBag on the iPhone in the park

  1. angie in asheville says:

    That is totally me. I spaced on a violin lesson last week because we were too involved watching our hens scratch around on a lovely spring afternoon. There’s more to life than being prompt and responsible, right? Good for you!

  2. lera says:

    If it makes you feel any better, I just realized that my son has a field trip at school tomorrow, and I’ve scheduled him to get braces on the same day. (The braces have now been postponed until Monday. And after rescheduling, I realized I won’t even be home from my daughter’s preschool … I refuse to reschedule again. I guess preschool will have to take the fall.)

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