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handmade toddler dress at weewonderfuls.com

I successfully made an Easter dress for Phoebe this year! I think the key with this stuff for me is to totally not expect to finish it, not care if I do, and then it’ll happen. And I unconsciously picked a color for her dress that matched the one nice shirt I have for Oscar. Score! Aren’t they cute.

The dress is a basic pattern for a sleeveless shift dress from a japanese sewing book I have, the fabric is linen from Joanns, the circle idea is something I saw online and saved the image but not the source (I’m guessing crewcuts) and overall I think it was successful. Although maybe the fabric needed to be less stiff, more gauzy.


19 thoughts on “a dress

  1. Kathleen says:

    I love linen for dresses for my girls, wrinkles be damned. I have found that hanky weight linen works great and isn’t really see-through. I bought a bunch on sale at fabric.com once.

  2. Vicki K says:

    Adorable girl and adorable dress! Are the circle edges unfinished so they will eventually fray and wrinkle?? Fun!

  3. Jennifer Tyler says:

    I love the dress and the fact that you actually have Spring weather. It is snowing like it’s the dead of winter here. And, it’s spring break. I want to cry. She looks adorable and I love the drape of the dress. The circles are brilliant.
    Happy Easter, yesterday!

  4. Donnelly says:

    Your easter dress for your little one is beautiful! Makes me wish that my “little” one wasn’t 18 and graduating from High School this year. Makes me wish, even more, that she was little again!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Have a great day!

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