my first mate

I don't know where I would be without my trusty sidekick. Probably photographing a stack of fo's instead of scrounging around desperately for a photo for my blog. what? no! She's very helpful. As all  2 1/2 year olds are. Without her to keep me on my toes how would I know to get down that fabric for sewing on the toy machine. NO! not that fabric, that fabric! And Buttons! and glue! YES glue!! 

9 thoughts on “my first mate

  1. Citlali Talina says:

    how adorable!
    I had one of those when growing up, and it totally influenced my later addiction to sewing (alas, I don’t sew as much as I would like to). I want to buy one of those for my girls, like my mom did. I can tell you firsthand, how indelible those memories are when you are a kid and try to sew just like your hero: Mom. She will remember it. I know I do.

  2. Jenn : ) says:

    I’m pretty much a lurker around here – but I check your blog every day. I can remember when you were pregnant with her. Since then, I’ve had a daughter too, and it’s been wonderful for me to see how your little girl is growing. I hope my little one will be my crafty side kick, too. : )

  3. kat says:

    was confused and didn’t realize that was a “toy sewing machine” and then… when i did i was like “whoa, sweet, a toy sewing machine”. i’m way jealous.

  4. Mamie says:

    You know what always delights me about your first mate? She always wearsclothes. My two 2.75 year old skippers are always naked from the waist down. Not nearly as cute as phee. I love her tights,

  5. Becky C. says:

    OK, now I’m obsessed with finding my soon to be 2YO a toy sewing machine (hopefully just not a pink one)… I am looking forward to sharing sewing with her, just like my gma and mom shared with me.

  6. Aleta says:

    Ha ha ha but what did you expect Hilary? You set the example of being crafty and she’s just following your lead! 😀
    I can’t keep my daughter out of my stash either. I spent last weekend sewing doll dresses for three of her best friends. And I’ve volunteered to sew for the school craft stall. Glutton for punishment me!

  7. Alexandra R says:

    Where did you find the toy sewing machine? I have been looking for one for daughters, 3 and 4, for a while. the only ones I can find are the ‘working kind’ for ages 6 and up, and I decided to wait til the oldest was at least 5 for that….I would love to find a good (not dangerous) toy one!

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