Mathilda and the Orange Balloon

I jumped at the chance to receive this new childrens book for review. We love everything Jen Corace over here so of course we are biased, but this book, Mathilda and the Orange Balloon is very charming. It’s written by Randall de Seve and is the story of a gray sheep named Mathilda who has a very small world and dares to dream of other possibilities. It’s a familiar story, but living as we do in a sort of gray sheep suburb, thinking for one’s self is definitely a life lesson worth repeating. a lot!

And the illustrations are gorgeous! It’s the kind of book you want to buy 2 of so you can cut one up and frame all the pages to hang on your walls.

11 thoughts on “Mathilda and the Orange Balloon

  1. Melissa says:

    My husband went to RISD with Jen Corace. We love her books over here! Little Pea is my favorite new kids’ book in so long. Thank you for the heads-up! Adding this to our future buy list!

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