can you see the resemblence?

turns out the Easter Bunny is a close cousin of dear Elise and Elsa Elf! Only differences are some ears, a dress and a nose. Oh, and a really BIG bow. I can draw these pieces up with instructions for those who are interested in adapting the Elise/Elsa pattern, just let me know. They won’t be all fancy because Tim is crazybusy these days but they’ll do the trick.

21 thoughts on “can you see the resemblence?

  1. Mary Kaye says:

    So adorable! I have the Elise/Elsa pattern but would really LOVE the adaptations for that sweet bunny! You’re Amazing!

  2. tulip says:

    I did notice that they looked alike! I’d love to have the dress pattern for the bunny! Luckily I have the elves already. 🙂

  3. Sarah says:

    PLEASE pass along the adaptations… I ADORE your bunny and was hoping to make one for my Fresh Air Fund “sister!”
    Thanks for the patterns and inspirations!

  4. Stacey says:

    Yes! Yes! I have the Elise/Elsa pattern and I would love the bunny adaptations. Super adorable! On another note, I think you said that you buy much of your flannel for the bodies and faces at Joann’s (as have I) and I was wondering if you’ve found that the fabric holds up well if actually played with? My son LOVES the space boy I made for him recently but the flannel face is already pilling as is the felt belt. Any suggestions for sturdy doll fabric are welcomed!

  5. Nicole says:

    This just moved to the top of my Easter to do (above dresses…no, I’m not joking) but I am having a hard time getting the adaptations. When I click the link it takes me to paper dolls. 🙁 This could just be me. It has been one of those days technology wise.

  6. Hillary Lang says:

    hi stacey,
    cotton or canvas won’t pill. canvas will be hard to turn out. some of those synthetic stretchy fabrics would be nice for skin but most are too stretchy to hold a shape when stuffed. for the belt, wool is used so you don’t have to finish the edges. if you wanted to finish them you could use any sturdy denim, canvas type fabric.

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