bunny dresses

I think I like this before shot better than my staged photo. It was too sunny outside. Crazy that’s a consideration again. Go Spring!

I’ve been thinking a lot about photo shoots and locations. I’m feeling stumped. Like there are just no cool locations here in suburbia to take photos. But that can’t be true. I think I need to dig deeper. Put some dolls in the car and just be prepared to slam on the brakes if I see anything remotely interesting.

doll clothes at weewonderfuls.com

12 thoughts on “bunny dresses

  1. Islay says:

    I definitely prefer the ‘before’ photo – the ‘after’ looks a little sinister!
    I know the feeling about not having anywhere to photograph things – I’m so looking forward to moving in a couple of weeks and at least having a garden to use!

  2. Thalita Dol says:

    I prefere the before photo too. The idea of the hanging dresses is cute, but the light didn’t help…
    Anyway, the dresses are lovely! On either pics.
    kisses from Brazil!
    (love your work!)

  3. Jacqui says:

    The massed effect of them in the photo above is great, but it’s also nice to see them in their full glory in the tree!
    I like the idea of taking projects on a photography shoot somewhere other than my backyard, though I’d be risking strangers thinking I was weird instead of the neighbours who are probably used to me by now. 😛

  4. Marg says:

    I’m stuck with the same problem myself. I usually wind up taking pictures in my parents’ backyard (neighbors totally used to seeing either myself or my dad playing with cameras) but right now things are a bit bare and the pond really needs cleaning out… I see so many lovely pics on Flickr I’m going to make a list of possible photo hot spots. I think the idea of packing up the car and heading out for a fun spot to shoot pics sounds cool.
    Also — I’ve always like those doll dresses you have framed — perhaps you could do something like that where you could easily switch out the subject (and possibly the background).

  5. Mamie says:

    Hmmmm, just thinking about possible locations for you….everyday life ones. Like sitting at the bus stop or in the grocery cart or in oscar’s class room. Even suburbia has these. Might be silly but could be fun. 🙂

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