We had more pretty snow this morning, big fluffy flakes. But I was moving too slow and didn't catch any good photos. I've realized I'm embracing the tail end of Winter. Spring is my favorite season and I'll be very excited when it's here but there is something nice and calming about it still being Winter. The first half of winter is so bustling and full of holiday action. It's nice to get some actual hibernating time in. Also Spring is a lot of work. It's kind of nice to sit inside looking out the window and not worrying about planting, seeding, watering, cleaning up winter's mess, etc.

And anyway, I have indoor projects to attend to! Snack bags and baby quilts. Speaking of which, does anyone know the name of this quilt's pattern? I've been goggling pinwheel and star and can't find it anywhere. I have a big book of a gazillion quilt patterns and that seems to have gone missing too…

22 thoughts on “tuesday

  1. Amy says:

    I’ve never seen that quilt pattern, but it looks like a “wonky” version could be made using a stack of squares “slashed” just so. (Or you could make templates.)

  2. Anja says:

    The block appears to run from one center of the star/pinwheel to the next, bissecting the yellow squares into isosceles triangles. Don’t know if that is helpful?

  3. Jennifer Tyler says:

    Okay, I was totally going to say pinwheel! I’m like that annoying kid in class who always answers over the kid who really knows the answer. All I can say is, I’d buy that quilt if it was available to buy because Lord knows I couldn’t make it. PINWHEEL, PINWHEEL, IT”S SOME KIND OF PINWHEEL. (Did I win anything?)

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