here are two projects that are way more fun the first time than they are the 2nd, 3rd…6th…22nd.

reupholstering chairs

and making valentines

11 thoughts on “repetition

  1. Islay says:

    Very neat upholstery though!
    I’m loving the Valentines everyone’s doing, yours look lots of fun (even if they were less fun to make after the one millionth…)

  2. Sarah Beman says:

    All my mom friends swear by starting valentines Jan 1st and doing one or two before dinner each night until they are all done. By spreading it out, it reduces the intensity of the torture.

  3. water works says:

    You got that right! With three kids in school and needing three new ideas each year, I want to scream. I used downloadable card ideas this year. But I just saw Erin’s from House on Hill Road. Fabulous. We must do that next year.

  4. Molly says:

    too true. having been up way past bedtime “facilitating” two boys through 48 valentine’s, the “getting a bit old” factor hits home. oh, but to re-upholster a chair! now that, i’ve never done…

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