As promised, here are some pics from the cool japanese fashion magazine I picked up, the february issue of SO-EN. The issue seems to be all about pattern and is entitled Textile File 2010. I’ll be pouring over this magazine for a long time. So much to absorb.

The first section is “minä perhonen textile journey” and it’s amazing. This is a new designer to me. Internet you’ve been holding out on me! Guess I’m falling behind in my design blog reading, here. And here’s the site, minä perhonen.

and so so much more. and I still have another magazine I haven’t cracked open yet. now to just find some magazine time.

10 thoughts on “pattern

  1. kim says:

    Whoa that HAIR!! That is over the top! I know it isn’t real life but if I were the model I don’t know that I could stop giggling – could you? The magazine does look fascinating!

  2. Dorthe says:

    I discovered Mina perhonen recently…and was “sold”
    …And I would love to get that issue from SO EN…BUT I don´t know where to buy it here in DK and I don´t understand a word japanese….Anyone who can help??:)

  3. Jan says:

    I LOVE SO-EN! Recently while at Mitsuwa, I hit the jackpot. They were emptying boxes and boxes of past issue magazines from Sanseido Bookstore, clearing them out at $1.00 each. I was able to scoop several SO-ENs, as well as numerous handcraft and fine arts magazines. I asked if this was a regular sale but was told they do it unannounced a few times a year. That issue you got is a gem, isn’t it?

  4. kate says:

    When I lived in Japan (’89 – 96′) and went to fashion design college SO-EN was much like Burda. We students learning tailoring and construction had to buy it every month. The magazine had instructions for making your own sloper and then all the line drawings and measurements so you could copy all the styles shown in the magazine to fit yourself. Does the magazine still offer that?

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