kicking around an idea

Oscar needs a new quilt. His car duvet cover is a little out of date as far as his interests go. I was thinking I'd give it new life by putting some batting in it and quilting it. Then I could add it to his collection, along with his racetrack quilt. This is what I've got for his new quilt so far, a bunch of solids and some inspiration.

And for his room, I would love to have one of these star wars posters

13 thoughts on “kicking around an idea

  1. nancy heard says:

    OMIGOSH those posters are BRILLIANT!!! i love love love them! did you see the image on a blog somewhere recently where someone did a tile shower that had chebacca, c3po and r2d2??? it was awesome. (but very permanent as far as decor goes.)

  2. Kelly says:

    Now that is some inspiration. I have a friend whose design for the first SW poster was close to being chosen..her design ended up second choice, but it was an exciting time and we all had a chance to spend time at the Lucas Ranch. It was great! I look forward to seeing his new quilt. What a lucky guy to have such a talented mum. ~Kelly
    unDeniably Domestic

  3. jstar says:

    those posters are awesome. i think i need one (or more) to replace the ‘vintage cowboy’ theme in my almost 6-yo’s room. his vintage cowboy quilt is still just a top at this point (i was tooo slow with that one), and for his 5th birthday i made a duvet cover for his favorite interest (vintage cowboy = my baby decor for him).
    i can’t wait to see your new plan! oscar’s room is A1-adorable.

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