twist and rail

I spent a lot of time building and rebuilding this thing this weekend.
The marble run can whip Oscar and Phoebe into a frenzy like no other toy in the house. They fight over nothing as fiercely as they do the marbles that come shooting out of those little holes. And nothing crumbles to the ground quite as satisfactorily or as often as the marble run does. I took this photo in disbelief because they actually left it standing on their way to bed. A marble run miracle.

19 thoughts on “twist and rail

  1. Katie B says:

    This brings back memories! We had one when I was a kid, except the run was made out of plastic and it was SO LOUD when you sent the marbles down. This one looks pretty cool.

  2. Melissa Goodsell says:

    We’ve got the twist and rail set too – isn’t it fabulous?! It’s been living on our lounge room floor since Christmas and every day we have anywhere between one and ten different marble runs built and played with and yes, quite a few wobble accidents too where it all comes crashing to the ground.

  3. Annie says:

    we love this in our house — it’s usually the one thing we can say to counter a meltdown… just now, we exclaimed “wanna play marbles?” and the house became happy again as my husband is playing away with them :) I took a photo the other day too and had to say “PLEASE NOBODY MOVE UNTIL I GET THE CAMERA!” haha :)

  4. Tracy says:

    We have a marble run in our house that’s been around since my sister and I were kids (probably before). It’s really simple and the marbles just go back and forth down a track, but it has the power to captivate attention for HOURS somehow. A must-have toy!

  5. Erin H. says:

    We just got the same marble run set for Christmas – I don’t know who loves it more – the grown ups or the kid! :) I especially love the “whooshing” sound of a lot of marbles on the twist – very meditative! :)

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