13 thoughts on “shopping for puffy stickers at the mall

  1. Jennifer Tyler says:

    Did you have sticker book when you were growing up? My BFF and I had these albums of stickers that we would collect. My mom was frugal and would give me stickers off of bananas and bandaids but I was totally cool with that. Puffy stickers were like Mana from Heaven especially if they had googly eyes. You seriously just threw me back to 1980. And Hello Kitty no less! Thank you!

  2. Juli says:

    I suddenly thought I was on Facebook and was looking for the “like” button to click!
    I still have my sticker book, complete with puffies, oilies (shockingly still intact!), smellies + lots of Sanrio & Mrs. Grossman’s.
    My 8 yr old loves it!

  3. Aimee says:

    I used to have a sticker book when I was little. I still get excited and happy over stickers, especially the puffy kind. Hello Kitty too even!! Lucky you!

  4. Clisty says:

    Oh the sticker collection albums! I remember the crazy plasticy smell.
    I tell my kids Lisa Frank designs started out as a sticker!! I even belonged to a sticker club at the card store, one valuable sticker a month :)

  5. Stacey S. says:

    Oh, when I was in elementary school, I loved going to the Sanrio store at the mall. It was unlike any other store. It even smelled different, like the erasers they sell. My favorite were ‘Little Twin Stars’. And of course, Hello Kitty. Fun, fun, fun. I want to take my daughter there, right now.

  6. Leah says:

    I’ll have to show these comments to my husband – when I showed him my sticker album (still intact with puffies and liquid filled ones – a snork?) he had no idea what it was. I guess it was a girl thing in the early 80’s?

  7. Bel Aravena says:

    Oh god, I’m 21 and still buy stickers to me u.u and i really love puffy stickers ja, maybe when I have children I will give them to they’cause since I have i never use them.

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