my new favorite game

pretend sleeping

phoebe sleeping with dolls and their quilts

it's a good game for catching up on blogs. I edited my bloglines down to just 50 blogs and it is so liberating. totally manageable. I can actually read them. it's lovely. I highly recommend it. but only if w.w. makes the cut of course. maybe 51.

42 thoughts on “my new favorite game

  1. Stefanie says:

    I trimmed my list from over 400 to 135. And of those 135 I have grouped them in must reads and free time reads. You will be happy to know you are in my must read file *smile*
    Have a great day!

  2. mjb says:

    Ahahaha – I cut down from 549 to 535 this week, and I’m wondering how else I can reduce. My problem is all of the people I know that update very infrequently, but I want to stay subscribed (like family members). There have to be at least 20 there. All the others…hm, I really have no excuse for that.

  3. Vanessa says:

    I agree with the cutting down of blogs… I decided this year I would rather have a few blogs that I read and interact more regularly rather a bunch I just skim over. In fact, I spoke about this very thing in my last post yesterday (by the way, you made the cut!)

  4. Jennifer Tyler says:

    You make the best dolls EVER! Mine (from your pattern) turned out very cute but I still think yours are the best. I can’t believe how many blogs your readers read. Does that make any sense? I have a limited list and I love visiting yours.

  5. coffeechris says:

    I used to play that game with my son all the time. We didn’t have those sweet dolls and mini-quilts, though…makes me want to take a nap, too.

  6. Kim says:

    I have over 300 feeds and I feel SO overwhelmed. I think I will take your approach. Get it down to what I can (and do) read. There are always my favorites (you of course!) that I read whenever they have something new. There are others that I don’t read on a regular basis and I wonder why I am even subscribed to them. Those will be the first to go.
    Oh and your girl(s)? Adorable. I can’t believe how big Phoebe is getting. Seems like yesterday she was just a new baby.

  7. Skooks says:

    YIPES! I have 207 at the moment. I finally categorized them so I can read about a certain genre as I please and it’s no longer a hodge podge of randomness. That helps somewhat . . . should definitely pare down more though.

  8. Hillary Lang says:

    I should mention a few of the things I used to help me cut down on the blogs…
    – if I follow someone on flickr, I cut their blog. I had lots of overlap and was seeing the same stuff. this way I see the pics and can click over to the blog if I’m curious what’s up.
    – I cut out a LOT of design blogs. the apartment therapy/shopping/design type of blogs. those were doing me in. they post so many times a day and it’s so much visual stimulation that it’s overwhelming. and actually there’s lots of overlap. I kept 5-10 of my favorites
    – I clicked through to see if everyone was still at it. there were a lot of dead blogs, moved blogs.
    – I also cut a chunk of super obvious blogs. ones that I’ll remember to check in on without bloglines telling me too. blogs that it’s fun to read a month’s of posts at once and catch up on.
    – I was sure to leave in crafty blogs that are good at linking to stuff. I have confidence in them that I’ll see everything cool and not miss out.
    – I renamed the blogs that are called ‘my weblog’ or ‘my journal’. pretty obvious but I’d never done it so I didn’t know what they were and wouldn’t click through.

  9. Marisa says:

    I recently went through my blogs as well with the intention of trimming but instead of reducing the number, it increased the number I follow! There are just so many creative women out there!

  10. Joyful Abode says:

    I recently pared from over 200 to 112 blogs… but it feels like 3000 sometimes.
    There are people I know in real life (friends, family members) whose blogs I almost feel obligated to read, but they rarely post (most of them) so it doesn’t seem like a “chore” to keep them on. And of course I enjoy reading their posts and seeing their photos.
    But I have so many categories of blogs I like to read that it’s hard to cut too many people – crafts, cooking/food/fitness, organization, kids/family/education, design, military life (mostly real life friends there)…
    Maybe I’ll re-evaluate again.
    Wish the flickr tip would work for me but I never check contacts’ flickr updates (well, almost never) so I’d miss a lot of good stuff!

  11. di says:

    Wow- well done. I’ve found it so hard to prune my list I just avoid going into bloglines altogether, to avoid that “oh my lord there’s so much I need to read” feeling (I just click through from my blog instead, to whoever I feel like I want to catch up with).

  12. Rae says:

    Are you kidding Hillary? You are on EVERYONE’s Bloglines/Reader list. But what a great idea about paring down. My subscriptions are getting really unmanageable. Such a simple idea but I would have never thought of it on my own…thanks!

  13. Rebekah says:

    Thanks for the inspiration! I sat down and cut my blog roll from about 130 to 54 last night. What freedom! I’m looking forward to concentrating on the posts of bloggers who really inspire me and having the time to comment again. And yes, I did keep Wee Wonderfuls and not just because you told me to. 😉

  14. Kate says:

    Wow…this string of comments is fascinating. I had no idea people followed so many blogs. I read maybe 10 blogs semi-regularly (counting yours, ever since I saw the word “shit” in a post…I’m totally putting you in my blog roll). Most of those are friends. I guess that explains how people can have the readership they do. Anyway, the little doll quilts are out of control. So cute.

  15. Zoe, Conversation Pieces says:

    That’s so cute! My blog list is probably around 20 if I’m honest – those are my always go-to-first ones… but I probably have around another 40 that I always think damn I should visit this more whenever I pop over! It’s surprising how much time blogging takes up!

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