hey hold on there 2010

I’m not ready. I still have leftover coffee cake to eat. I have pine needles to vacuum. Thank you cards to write. Laundry. I am not all sparkly clean optimistic new year ready yet. I have no ideas, no inspiration. And I am definitely not ready for the “it’s a new year – here’s your birthday!” January birthday I’m stuck with. And this one, forty. Good grief. Let me clean off my desk first. Put away the wrapping paper maybe.

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  1. Holly says:

    Yes, yes, I absolutely agree. New Year’s Day is way too close to Christmas. We traveled over Christmas this year – a road trip with our four and one year old daughters – and got home about 6pm on New Year’s Eve. It didn’t exactly leave a lot of time for introspection and resolve. A new year and clean start sounds so wonderful – but I would need another week or two to make it happen. :-)
    Happy Birthday to you!
    P.S. I just noticed the FH Burnett book in your sidebar. I just discovered that book a little while back myself, and thought it was delightful. Hope you are enjoying it.

  2. Terriaw says:

    I loved turning 40! (and 41 just recently) I hope you will love it too.
    We just finished putting away all the Christmas stuff and cleaning today, so I know where you’re at. It feels good when it’s all done and behind you.

  3. Kristin says:

    Right there with you! My birthday was yesterday and I turned 30…sometimes all three (christmas, new years and my birthday) right in a row seems a bit much…all that emphasis on time passing and all! But hey, you’re ahead of me. I haven’t even posted on my blog since Christmas.

  4. Ceri says:

    Hi, I’ve never posted before but follow your blog and enjoy it very very much from over here in the UK. I’m 40 next month, eek. Where did 30 go? My 5 year old just got her first sewing machine and I renovated an old 1950s sewing box for her for Christmas. I filled it with cute Cath Kidston bits and pieces and some scrap fabric and buttons, ribbons etc from my stash. She’s definitely got the bug, and now I’ve a got a sewing buddy. Fabulous. Happy birthday and keep sewing. x

  5. Anda says:

    I totally get the birthday thing, mine is today and I am so not ready for the new year let alone being a year older! The pile of half finished craft projects seems even more unacceptable when they are from LAST year!

  6. Jenny Mitchell says:

    girrrrl, i hear ya.
    i’m not quite as together as a lot of these other folks who have all these bright and shiny and wonderful new projects for the new year. i love seeing them, and at the same time, i am kinda like- whoa. i’m late to the party and not in a fashionable kind of way. i *really* thought i would get that tree down today and darn it if i didn’t even get one single ornament put away. school starts tomorrow, so i think that might help me in the way of getting back on a schedule and knowing what the heck is going to happen in a day, as opposed to a lot of the aimless drifting that i did through the holiday break. you and i? we’ll get that wrapping paper put away this week, promise.

  7. Juli says:

    I completely feel your pain, including the lame, always-got-leftover-gifts-that-were-found-in-the-back-of-the-closet and can-never-have-a-pool-party January birthday. (think I have some angst that I need to deal with from childhood?! LOL!)

  8. Wendy says:

    I know exactly what you mean. I also will be turning 40…tomorrow. The hardest part for me is the realization that I will not get everything I have planned done in my LIFETIME. Happy Bday.

  9. Kristine says:

    Give yourself more time and celebrate Chinese New Year instead :) I think that’s my plan this year! I hope you have a happy birthday!

  10. Kelley Hart says:

    I’m sooo glad someone else is not ready for the 2010! I’m still gazing at my beautiful lit tree. Why is everyone always in such a hurry to be done with Christmas? I think it’s ok to ease into the new year slowly but surely. That’s my plan anyway.

  11. Mamie says:

    It’s crazy because I am still looking at Xmas crafts in my old MS magazines. It feels like it flew away… Fun but too fast. January birthday, huh? Bet you will get something cool from O.

  12. Jennifer says:

    I did not know you were having a Big birthday this year. Happy early birthday, my friend! E’s birthday is tomorrow, and I kind of see it as the last chapter of the Holiday Saga.

  13. Amy M says:

    I am so with you! Only this morning did I start to think about putting Christmas decorations away. My yearly goal is to be done with the holidays by my own January birthday, the 11th. Some years I don’t make it…. I’ve never been fond of a January birthday (right after the holidays, when the bills start to come in and everyone’s tired) but my hubby was also born in January, so now we can commiserate together!

  14. Kim says:

    Happy Birthday. I am so ready for the new year though. But of course, my birthday isn’t until next month, so it’s not all bundled together with the holidays. Hope you have an awesome birthday!

  15. Jen says:

    Lookie, a January birthday support group! Happy Birthday Dear Hillary, thank you for adding such charm and enjoyment to our lives (and sanity on airplane rides. I’m thinking specifically of Kit, Chloe and Louise in Paper Doll Form). May 40 be wonderful.
    I’m making my husband’s cake today, and we’ll do something for my birthday which is later this week (we’re spanning 40, so nothing too big this year). This year, our 2-year-old is running around trying to get the word “celebrate” out of her mouth. And she’s completely gung-ho for more presents and more chocolate.
    The worst thing about January birthdays are those poor sports who won’t celebrate with you because they’ve had enough. We always push through with something sweet, something bubbly and a final cheer and then, immediately following, we’re ready to face a new year, clear soups and clean living (define for yourselves). At least till Valentine’s Day.

  16. larissa says:

    i can’t decide which would be worse, my Dec birthday or your January one. You make a compelling argument. Happy birthday in any case! I just had my 40th too. I’m still recovering.

  17. GardenofDaisies says:

    Happy Birthday! The 40’s were really lovely years! Enjoy them! :-) (I just entered the 50’s)
    I am with you that we need a few days to recover from the past year, to re-organize and get things put away before we can really get in to the spirit of the new year.

  18. Jennifer says:

    My hubbie’s b’day is Dec. 28, so we have to work really hard to not let it get lost in the craziness of the season. I had a nephew just born Dec. 31, though, and I thought, “What a spectacular birthday! Built-in birthday party every day for your entire life.” Lucky fella. Hope you have a very happy birthday!

  19. kelly says:

    My birthday is the sixth, so I know what you mean. I always got this vibe from people “Well, first it’s Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then the New Year…oh, and now it’s your birthday. Here, have some presents and cake, now are we finally done already with the celebrations???”
    That being said, my favorite birthday memory is the year a friend and I built a snowman birthday party, complete with candles on the cake and old glittery birthday hats on the snowmen. No July birthday pool party can compete with that!

  20. Anja says:

    Mine is January 16th! I’ll be 39, yikes! I always use my birthday as an excuse as to why the tree has to stay up until then! At least you don’t have to participate in your boss’s diet competition every January and thus have a sweets restriction for your birthday, it’s no fun (but two years in a row I’ve won cash, I just wish I didn’t keep gaining back the same weight each year)! Hope you have a great Birthday!

  21. Mylifeunderthebus says:

    I was googling “felt ” and some how found your blog. I got to 45 ! So I am pretty sure you’ll be OK ! : ) What a cute place you have here. I am trying to be more creative for the New Year ! I’ve been home for 11 1/2 years raising 4 boys and I think I deserve a little time for myself. So there 2010 take that.
    If you are looking for a craft challenge for the New Year come visit me ! Happy New Year, Patty

  22. Shelly says:

    Happy Birthday soon. I hear ya as my birthday is soon as well. All 3 holidays come rushing and then its my birthday. It felt odd to be showing my hubby and boys what I wanted for my birthday when they were using up their Christmas money for things they wanted.

  23. Lara says:

    You always make me giggle! Happy Birthday soon! I hope you will have a BIG party celebrate.
    I’m not really ready for 2010 either! Where did ’09 go?!

  24. Diana says:

    Happy birthday! The inspiration will come, the fresh, clean January will come. Just take a deep breath & enjoy each new day…pine needles or not. :o)

  25. Kate says:

    Loved your picture today … after reading your post about all the trees, I really started noticing them around everywhere. I love the trees and the different ways you bring them into your decorating! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  26. molly says:

    You are gonna love 40, its the new 20 you know. I turn 42 on the 10th of this month, love having a January b-day, gets it over for the year.*G* Have a Happy One!!!

  27. Heather says:

    I hear ya…I feel as creative as the dust bunny staring at me from under the dining room table.
    I do hope you have a happy birthday and eat some excellent cake!

  28. Donna says:

    Mine is January as well, this year it’s 43 and I must say I’m the least enthusiastic about my birthday this year than I have been of any of them (except maybe for 13 when I was just mad at everyone, haha). Enjoy your coffee cake, there’s no real need for sparkly clean optimism, that’s what I keep telling myself 😎

  29. Emily says:

    I feel you. My birthday is the 3rd and while you may scoff at this being a big one for me, (30) I do understand the feeling of transition thrust upon you too soon after the holidays! I hope you have a great birthday, celebrating the greatness that is to come! Take care!

  30. di says:

    Ohh, Happy Birthday! I hope it is a wonderful year ahead for you. I hit the big Four-O this year too, but not until the very end of the year. I do find though, that I tend to spend the whole year feeling like I’m already the age that I will turn at the end of the year- a state of mind I want to avoid this year!!

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