coming down on me

thanks for the birthday wishes and the january birthday commiseration!

the sting of the big birthday has faded but the pressure remains. pressure to be pulled together. pressure to get serious. sadly for forty, this goes against my ny’s resolution which is to give myself a big damn break. somewhere in the middle there I’ll find the tone for 2010. or at least the first month of 2010, after which I’ll be back to my old scattered, unreflective self.

anyone have a recommendation for a supervitamin? I feel like I need one.

38 thoughts on “coming down on me

  1. Tabitha O. says:

    actually I have found a liquid vitamin to be superb and make me feel wonderful! It is called Liquimax and I get it at Costco–totally give yourself a break life is to be enjoyed who cares how old we are it truly is only a state of mind

  2. Susan @ pinkportugueseroses says:

    Today is my birthday. I totally sympathize!!!
    Oh the hatred of the double gift. You know the one…Oh “this is the gift you open on Christmas but is also for your birthday too”. Now, it doesn’t bother me…but as a kid…LOL!!!
    Blessings to you on your birthday!!!!

  3. Jenny B says:

    Why be serious? Why be pulled together? That doesn’t sound fun at all! The least serious women I know are well past forty and happily so. Maybe you could find a really good book to read, that will get you out of your head and give you a fresh perspective. :o)
    ps – Happy Birthday!

  4. nancy heard says:

    happy belated birthday!! hey i’m 42 and it totally rocks. i refuse to get caught up in the age thing. i love getting older as long as it doesn’t come with a pair of depends!

  5. Loralynn says:

    I can definately sympathize with you. I just had my 45th birthday and trust me…it sucks. I don’t feel any different, but IT feels like the end of something…an era…possibilities…something. Just keep telling yourself, like I am, that they are only numbers. We don’t have to be defined by our numbers! To misquote: I will not go quietly into that good night!

  6. IamSusie says:

    Happy Birthday! As for vitamins, I don’t get enough sunlight so this fall I started taking a vitamin D and calcium supplement ( bought Caltrate). I noticed the difference right away. I felt more energized and less fuzzy. My husband tried it and didn’t get the same result, but he is outside a lot more every day so he gets more normal amounts of D. I also can’t drink milk, so I think I was really low in these nutrients.

  7. louise hatchard says:

    happy birthday! and i must confess when i hit the big f word birthday i hid in a hole. but someone said to me a while ago that it is a privilege to age. forget the vitamins, pour yourself a glass of wine and toast yourself! x

  8. Ana says:

    You know what my dad says about getting older (I’m freaking out about my approaching 40): “Think of the alternative”. Better to age than not, right? Happy belated birthday.

  9. thicket dweller says:

    Do you take b-12? I find that daily B, D, and A vitamins, plus Stress Tabs are very helpful in keeping me even-keeled, but especially the Bs. Easy to take as a liquid or sublingual tablet.

  10. Ren says:

    Happy Birthday! Snap, me too, but I dont feel any different!! The supervitamin you are looking for is the b.e.d one! Better than anything in or out of a bottle!!!

  11. julie says:

    Happy Birthday! I turn 40 next month. Ugh.
    So have you been watching Glee? There was an episode called “Vitamin D”. I think that taking some of that vitamin will help with that loathing 40s feeling.

  12. liz anderson says:

    Only fourty? You’re still wet behind the ears!
    Fourty should be liberating. So liberate!
    My God, to go back to fourty with what I know now? I’d so totally rock. Rock on!

  13. roz fulcher says:

    Oh I hear you. I recently turned forty. Fortunately the sky didn’t fall like I thought it would. And regards to getting serious. Don’t. The not being serious is what keeps us younger, I’m convinced of it! xo

  14. Erin Wilson says:

    I seemed to have a very different experience with 40. It was just like a switch flipped when I woke up that morning. I suddenly stopped caring what people thought about me. Oh, not 100%. But the pressure I didn’t even know was there lifted.
    There was no pressure to get my act together (or at least look like it had). I had the freedom to just pursue what I wanted and not care about those around me not getting it.
    Nearly 2 years into it now. Feels freaking fabulous!@@

  15. Jennifer Tyler says:

    Okay I turned 40 last month. I don’t mind being 40 however I just found out I have cervical cancer and have to have an hysterectomy! Seriously. Found out the day after my birthday. How bad does that suck? Bad. Anyway, I’ll be fine cuz I have to be but I understand that 40 is kind of a weird age. My super vitamin is making time for myself. I just prescribed it and am not very good about taking it everyday but I am working on it.
    Happy, Happy Birthday. You make an excellent 40 year old.

  16. Amy says:

    I turn 40 the 21st. I’ve never been hung up on age, but this birthday feels uncomfortable. I think it’s because all your life 40 was the age where it was ok to consider somebody old. Think about it. There’s a shred of youth to every number prior to 40. Remember When Harry Met Sally. Sally (all of about 32) is having a breakdown and she wails, “…and I’m turning 40!!!” Harry asks, “When?” Sally screams, “SOMEDAY!!!”
    We all know it will be ok and we’ll come out on the other side of it. But admit it-40 kind of sucks….at least from this side of it.
    I guess all we can do is process through it however long it takes. I started taking vitamin D supplements this year and I think they’ve made a difference- at least in my immunity.

  17. cat says:

    apparently adult gummy bear vitamins have done the job for many 35+, my only other suggestions involves sleep, has a way of completely healing the mind and the body. if you’re able to get some, that is.

  18. phoebe says:

    i’m 42… with dreadlocks, and no concern for age. my bike basket has a bumper sticker reading “WELL-BEHAVED WOMEN RARELY MAKE HISTORY” which is a great motto!
    try New Chapters MultiVitamin for Women – its more expensive, and you’ll have to go to the health food/supplement store to get it… but its 100% organic, plant derived, so your body can actually assimilate the nourishment. this is key. many vitamins simply are not in a viable form.
    i love all these terrific comments! there is clearly a crowd of vital women over 40 saying ‘WELCOME!’

  19. Donna says:

    I started taking Evening Primrose Oil and Flax Seed Oil supplements around turning 40 and I think it made a difference in the fuzzy head and mood swings I seemed to have developed. Or probably I always had them and turning 40 just made me more aware.

  20. Asha says:

    I don’t but I’m going to try the (my own version, of course) Gwenyth Paltrow’s smoothie and salad detox. She said it gives her energy and makes her feel “light”. I’m going to try it for a couple of days (she does it for weeks) and see how I feel bc I’m always sluggish and can’t concentrate. And I love smoothies and salads so I’m actually looking forward to it.

  21. leslie says:

    for me cytozyme-ad and bio multi plus by biotics research (both avaliable on though I was “prescribed” them because I was having issues because of my thyroid, I think they’d help anyone!

  22. hillary says:

    oh no! I’m so sorry. and the timing, god. I was just over reading your post on 40. that’s how I’m feeling. I’m not any of those -fits either. oh well. who is, right?
    take care and wishing you a fast recovery!

  23. hillary says:

    check! thanks, got them today. fuzzy head and mood swings.. me too! and again, me too on thinking I’ve probably always felt this way but now I’m hyperaware of every little glitch.

  24. becky says:

    ok. super vitamen…fish oil. does wonders for the skin and does little uplifting {mentally} if you take it consistantly. take at night though, before bed…just a hint

  25. T. says:

    Happy Birthday. If it makes you feel better, you come across young on your blog :) I figured you to be mid-30s. I am 42. Some days I’m okay with it, other days I feel like my youth is too far behind me and I worry where this all is heading. I remind myself that 10,20,30 years from now, 40 will sound so young to me, so I just try to enjoy who/where/what I am right now.

  26. catherine says:

    Happy Birthday! I am one year past 40 (although I do conveniently forget that often) and it is hard to believe. I started taking Vitamin Code multi’s for Women last year and they truly help me with energy/well being. They’re raw/unprocessed, so are more easily used and absorbed by the body. They cost more than I can believe, but definitely are worth it!

  27. amy k. says:

    my new year’s resolution, which I hope to maintain through my birthday at least, is do less and have more fun and say no more and do stuff that seems not important at all.
    if I could give you all this in a big brown bag, I would. instead cookies are coming your way this week, I am mailing them tomorrow.

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