new to the house this week: a box of hand-me-down dress up clothes for phoebe from the neighbor. complete with plastic shoes, crowns and wands. (funny how less offensive all this disney crap seems when it’s on your own little princess). and my new gorgeous jen corace 2010 calendar.

pink princess puff

I’m heading into my newly cleaned up craft room to work on two little ideas kicking around in my head. neither of which have any pink in them, surprisingly.

11 thoughts on “bustle

  1. isa says:

    Ahh, the pink glitter years :-) My big girl (age 10) is finally over the pink plastic (crap) obsession, now we are waiting for the young (age 1) to enter :-)

  2. Beck says:

    How lovely to have some handmedown dresups. It’s such a nice gesture and brings alot of happiness to a little girl! Your new calendar looks fabulous too xo

  3. elizabeth says:

    Both the girl person and the boy person in our house are a big fan of those plastic shoes. I’m always afraid they’re going to fall in them, but I’ve convinced myself that they do have an educational purpose: both my 5-year-old daughter and my 1.75-year-old son can walk in heels more skillfully than their mother.

  4. Jennifer Tyler says:

    Oh what fun! It is all so tacky but the little people think it’s beautiful. There was nothing funnier than finding my 8 year old boy digging through our dress-up box wearing a purple tutu. Dress-up is fun for everybody. btw, LOVE the calendar.

  5. GardenofDaisies says:

    Dress-up is wonderful play!! I received some of those plastic shoes as a gift eons ago… when I turned 6… and I walked all over the neighborhood in them. I loved them so much! The calendar is really fantastic! Love those bustles!

  6. Asha says:

    I dreaded the Disney princess years as well but I’m accepting it. I even find myself in those aisles at the store and laugh to myself.

  7. tulip says:

    “funny how less offensive all this disney crap seems when it’s on your own little princess”
    LOL or when you didn’t have to BUY it! We have a bunch of it hand me down too and it’s been lovely for my gal. I love that cute little Phoebe bustle!

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