books and dolls, dolls and books

That could be another name for my blog. First, books. I updated the sidebar "books we're reading" catagory with the favorite books the kids got for Christmas. We're really enjoying them. Of course I couldn't bring myself to list Oscar's
true favorite
, but if your kids like potty talk and silly names this is the series for you!

Next, dolls. Here are a few of the most recent cuties from the Kit, Chloe and Louise flickr pool. I have a few dolls to make as gifts so I was looking for some inspiration. Now I'm wishing I could just hire one of these talented gals to make them for me! 😉

andersonheatherh's doll

elizabeth's*whimsies's julia

lucky olive's doll

9 thoughts on “books and dolls, dolls and books

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hey, we have an 8-year-old around here with similiar tastes. Has he ever read any of “The Stupids” by Harry Allard and James Marshall? Same kind of silliness 🙂

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