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  1. Jennifer Tyler says:

    This is a wonderful picture. I am a bit of control freak about the tree. When my kids were smaller I would follow behind them and “adjust” their placement. Little did I know when I left the room they “adjusted” my “adjustment.”

  2. Christine Capece says:

    I love it! My 3 year old son did the same thing today as we decorated. A few branches are heavily weighted down, and he thinks they are just perfect. 🙂

  3. mamie says:

    mr burns hands, i love it.
    her hair is so pretty. so wavy and lovely. coming here with phoebe posts up is getting a bit dangerous as my longing for a daughter is growing. for now I will just enjoy vicariously.

  4. Sarah says:

    Hilarious! This picture is so awesome. One year my mother-in-law let my niece decorate a little tree all by herself and ended up with a bare tree except for two branches right at the bottom loaded up with as many sparkly and pink ornaments as my niece could find.

  5. beecher says:

    Super sweet! My Taylor has decided that everything on the tree must be food since we gave her a candy cane. And is right now trying to scale it for some more sweet bites.

  6. Juli says:

    The bottom half of our tree is completely devoid of ornaments…not because we didn’t decorate it, our toddler just displaced those ornaments all over the house,instead!

  7. Bradie Sparrow says:

    Ahahahahaha! That is so sweet! We allowed 7 of our 8 to decorate the tree this year( one is just too little…) and this was exactly what we had too. Then just like Juli said, it was a constant re-dressing of the tree as we chased the toddlers around trying to rescue ornaments from them! Ahhh the joys that wee ones bring to the Christmas season!

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