yarn wrapped wreath

yarn wrapped wreath, originally uploaded by Hillary Lang.

I saw a yarn wrapped wreath somewhere and thought what a cute, fun project. Yeah, not so much. I probably made 20 trips to the craft store for this thing. Half of those trips buying all the wrong stuff. Looking at it here now I think that dang bow is too big, I’ll have to go fix that. Wreaths are hard. I couldn’t find a good wreath form, this one is too small. And it’s hard to attach all that stuff. Mine’s shifting everywhere. I guess I probably needed to hot glue. Oh well, I love the colors and the awesome peppermint striped ribbon. So I’m happy. And the front door is happy with it’s tiny little wreath.

7 thoughts on “yarn wrapped wreath

  1. melissa p. says:

    i think it’s great! i had a similar dilemma this year with the craft store sized wreaths…so i made a stuffed one. it’s a little wonky, but it worked well! (i wrapped mine w/ fabric strips leftover from a christmas quilt!)
    love the pepperminty feel!

  2. cat says:

    one option i’ve used and had success with is wired pipe cleaner, it comes in pretty favorable colors and can be poked in the styrofoam easily without hot glue or adhesive. you’ll want to layer it because it shifts but other than that; it’s all good! i’m a big fan of yours though, and will bookmark the project! tx.

  3. saffronbird@gmail.com says:

    your wreath is super cute. love the colors! you could mount your yarn wreath to an evergreen wreath…giving it the value you are seeking!

  4. LittleA says:

    Well I love it! I’ve done one of these, too, and I thought I’d never finish wrapping the damn thing. I used pins to attach the embellishments since my base was a Styrofoam wreath.

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