kitchen tree

Is there anything more cheerful than a white tree? This is a new addition to the holiday decorating this year and it makes me so happy. I love all my sugary gumdrop and retro (I wish I had more than one of these!) kitchen themed ornaments. Even got out some of my Mr. Product handmade ornaments. So happy to have a home for them this year. I decided against hanging the dish towel garland because, although I love it so, it detracts some from the snowy glowy white awesomeness.

12 thoughts on “kitchen tree

  1. julie says:

    It’s wonderful! I have a kitchen tree too–mine’s a “peppermint” tree (pink & white) with vintagey kitchen ornaments. We love it (Oh yeah….I got the tree for free at Walgreen’s a couple years ago too so it’s a bargain kitchen tree—so I can spend more $$ on ornaments????)

  2. phoebe says:

    i’m even more in love with white trees than last year when you posted. do you remember where you found it? any tips welcome its just magic.

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