it worked!

Our borax dipped snowflake ornament has successfully crystallized! Very satisfying! I highly recommend this craft. We'll for sure be making more. We're thinking candy canes and a snowman next. I love when things work!

I stopped off for more supplies while Oscar was in school. Hopefully this will last us a few days. Our playmobil advent calendar went up this morning. So far we've got half a tree sitting in some snow. And I just found an advent calendar project in O's backpack – Santa with a cotton ball at the end of his hat, a bag of cotton balls and a beard with numbered circles waiting for a cotton ball each day. How cute is that! I love kindergarten.

(OK, Update. I checked again. It's not an advent calendar, just a regular calendar. He brings home a calendar every month and this month it's Santa's beard. It is not counting down to Christmas but rather til the 31st. I just had advent on the brain)

Speaking of fun projects, I'm working on a SUPER fun pattern for the shop. Should be ready any day. I was shooting for cyber Monday, but what the heck, cyber Wed maybe? Should be plenty of time to get one made for under your tree!

28 thoughts on “it worked!

  1. Kristin says:

    I love that snowflake craft as well. I always do it with my preschool class as a science experiment when we talk about snow.

  2. Megan says:

    We made an advent calendar like that when I was a kid. Mum got out all her old Christmas cards and cut circles out to use as the pictures to glue on the days.
    I have fond memories of that advent calendar (20+ years later!) and was thinking of making one for myself this year.

  3. rachael says:

    love this! I will have to try it. And thanks for the christmas craft love. I am in the mood to do things this year but have no inspiration yet. Can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with!!

  4. Kelly says:

    Love the snowflake! I must humbly beg you to photograph this Santa cotton ball advent so that I might steal the idea to do with my daughter! I’ve been looking for an idea that would appeal to a 3-year-old to help her with when Christmas will be. Please, please, pretty please?

  5. m says:

    A Santa advent calendar from school? I hope you’ve enrolled him in a private Christian school, because if not, that’s pretty much out of order.

  6. Gretchen says:

    I had to buy pipe cleaners yesterday for this project- and spent 45 minutes looking at crafts on the Martha website. Now to find the time to do them all…

  7. Robin says:

    I just wanna know what’s in the box. That’s an intriguing little box, there. I wanna know what’s up with all the supply shopping. Looks cool. And yes, I was a good girl and read all the comments first before I asked in case you already answered. *wink*

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