The gingerbread house was made. And I swore considerably less than last year which was my goal. Love this roof! All Oscar’s idea. Here’s a pic from the front.

My sister brought us do-it-yourself diorama ornaments from Paper Source and we got to go crazy with glitter. Finished pic here.

The caramel corn is made and tinned and is, as advertised, crazy good.

All my presents are wrapped, my handmade gifts (all two of them) are on track for being finished in time, all my teachers gifts are delivered, the kids are off school, I’ve made peace with all the things I didn’t get to this year (Christmas cards, the gifts I didn’t get bought and in the mail on time, baking, many more handmade gifts) and I’m ready to relax and play in the snow and wait for the big day. Ahhhh. And this is all a 180 from the basketcase I was last week. I think with Christmas you just have to get over the hump. The too-late-to-mail-stuff cut off can be its own gift.

14 thoughts on “festivus

  1. Jennifer Tyler says:

    Merry Christmas to you! How nice to be able to relax, it’s really what it should be about. I love the diorama ornaments. They remind my of the sugar eggs we make at Easter time. In fact, I should probably start working on the sugar eggs now so that I can have them done by Easter. I always get started to late. Have fun in the snow. We have LOTS in Park City, UT.

  2. Kira says:

    Oh my goodness…LOVE the glitter (can’t get enough); and seriously, festivus is the BEST HOLIDAY EVER…my neighbor hosts every year with costumed themes (if I feel brave I’ll post pictures from last year’s Super Hero Festivus)..although mostly I’m not brave)…but thank you SO VERY MUCH for being real…and inspiring!!!!…I’m behind on teacher gifts and forget the snow…I’m taking the kids on a glittery palm tree tour (sigh)…maybe next year…

  3. nancy heard says:

    oscar is one serious artist…the boy has got some artistic vision! i got those diorama ornaments too but haven’t had time to make anything with them yet. where’d you get the adorable tiny things to go inside? that’s my main problem–finding anything small enough! 😀

  4. Asha says:

    I hear ya! I’m doing a fraction of what I really want to do this year. I feel at peace when I just let it go and realize I can’t do it all. I did enough and that’s fine with me.

  5. Adaiha says:

    Everything is so cute! I can’t see the gingerbread house front view picture, though. I really, really wish I had a Paper Source in my city now!!! Thanks for the tip!

  6. Hillary Lang says:

    I had a hard time with that too. That elf had to sit on the ledge b/c he wouldn’t fit in there! I thought I had plenty of tiny stuff until it came time to fill those. They’re really small.

  7. Sara Downes says:

    Would you mind posting the receipe its one of my moms favorites and her mom use to make popcorn balls this maybe easier for me.
    THANKS a bunches!

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