Elise & Elsa Elf and a holiday pattern sale

I’m so excited (and a little bit exhausted) to say we have a new sewing pattern in the shop this afternoon. Last week I was gearing up to make a pile of folkster dolls for the shop when I thought it’d be fun to tweak her outfit a bit and make a set of holiday elves for the shop. Well she turned out so dang cute I became determined to make her into a new PDF pattern for the shop just in time for holiday crafting.

So here she is the basic Folkster doll pattern is Elise

And the elf version with pointy hat and shoes (and bells!), Elsa Elf

These are such fun dolls to make. They sew up quick and the yarn hair is super fun and easy, and very secure which is great for little ones with grabby hands. The hat is sewn in place but the skirt and shoes can be left removable. Pick out fun heavyweight fabrics for her to make her extra durable — fun flannels, printed corduroy, heavyweight cottons, wool and wool felt. I start by picking out a favorite ribbon for trim on the cap and go from there.

The PDF pattern is here in the shop and I’m going to be super quick on the draw so everyone gets their PDFs asap. And since we now have two NEW holiday crafting patterns, Farm Folk X-Stitchettes and Elise & Elsa Elf, we’re going to put our previous holiday pattern offerings on sale for the month of December. Christmas Wishes Stitchettes and the Mr. & Mrs. Gnome (who make excellent elves themselves) are now on sale for just $5 each!! Happy crafting and as always, thanks so much for your support of our little shop!

20 thoughts on “Elise & Elsa Elf and a holiday pattern sale

  1. cat says:

    Most Adorable! Images would make fantastic Christmas cards, remembering your christmas bot and how many people told me they loved getting it in the mail!

  2. Skooks says:

    I just snapped up the Christmas Wishes . . . I made the Elf stitchettes for the kids’ stockings this year and think if I have more kids someday, I’m going to have to have something similar I can throw on a stocking for them. :) I posted about it on my blog, as well as about the fleecy monkey I made for my friend’s baby shower. Such cute patterns! I love what you’re putting out there. Keep it up. :)

  3. Leslie says:

    I love these!! Will you share with us where you find your felt for the doll skin? Do you use wool felt? Also what yarn you used for the hair? I think using good materials makes such a different in doll-making. Elise’s “blue hair doll” from last Christmas has lasted fabulously. I didn’t realize until today that I will be making dolls again this year, these! Oh well, just when I thought I was going light this year!

  4. Hillary Lang says:

    I get wool felt at joann’s, or quilt shops or online at a child’s dream come true. links are in my faq
    my go-to yarn for hair is brown sheep’s lamb’s pride worsted weight. I think any wool or wool blend works nicely.
    I always think I’m going light and then those last minute projects… troublemakers :)

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