25 thoughts on “crazy tree lady

  1. Kristine says:

    Wow! Those trees are fantastic! Where did you purchase them? Are they thrifted? I love the pinecone gnomes! I bought an ornament similar to those guys (she’s a golden pinecone angel). I have been wanting to try my hand at making some.

  2. Amber Carrillo says:

    Those bottom trees with the camper are just amazing – well, they all are actually. Beautiful – I don’t know if crazy people have such good taste – you may have to change your title – lol!

  3. nancy heard says:

    i’m also a crazy tree lady!!! that red one with birds makes me INSANELY happy. and also the little pinecone elves holding tiny trees. yummy.

  4. Amy says:

    How oh HOW do you keep little hands off of these? Such displays would last about two minutes in my house, unless they were far, far out of reach. And maybe out of sight. Which defeats the purpose.

  5. Rebekah says:

    If there’s one thing I think I could one day go overboard on, it’s Christmas trees. I love the shape, and the idea of Christmas trees perched on every surface of my home is far less repulsive to me than the idea of Santas or Christmas villages or even nativity sets, as much as I love Baby Jesus. :) I think we could do a lot worse than “Crazy Tree Ladies.”

  6. Aleta says:

    Ha ha ha. You do have a lot of trees Hilary. I’ve limited myself to one but I can’t stop buying soldiers – nut cracker ones, blown-glass ones, metal ones with movable legs. The safe way to enjoy the military – purely decorative.

  7. Tracy says:

    So hilarious! I just posted on my blog about how I’m so attached to my vintage pom pom tree. I think I blog about it every year. I wish I had one in every color!

  8. Anja says:

    That video is hilarious! I have the two sided tree! One side has lights and one side doesn’t! (because I ran short on lights I decided to skip adding lights on the back side of the tree that faces the wall) But we don’t plan to turn our tree around to change the look of course.

  9. Camille Roskelley says:

    Love all the trees! I just wanted to thank you for such a fun pattern- I made Spaceboy and Robot for my little boys for Christmas and was just thrilled with how they turned out. Thank you!
    (they are posted over at my blog today if you want to take a peek!)

  10. Anja says:

    A few years back I had a bout of crazy tree lady syndrome and made this tree: http://www.marthastewart.com/article/pipe-cleaner-decorations-christmas-tree
    It turned out really cute, but I still need to find a base for it and after packing it away, it needs a lot of readjusting to get it back to it’s original cuteness. But I wouldn’t part with it! I love the pinecone elves, did you make them your self? I also have a snowman box ( I think I’m more of a crazy snowman lady, lots and lots of snowmen).

  11. Sally says:

    Love the Trees. I’ve decided I’m the crazy Nutcracker lady. A first it make my husband nervous being alone with so many nutcrackers but he’s adjusted to the idea! They are just so fun.

  12. GardenofDaisies says:

    I love all your trees! I think people might call me the crazy tree lady too if they saw how many I had around my house. :-)

  13. becky says:

    i love those little trees! i have a small one on the kitchen table with tiny ornaments. love it! a collection of them is such a great idea! oh, so festive and not necessarily chritmasy-y. can they stay out for ‘winter’? double bonus!

  14. Carm says:

    I love it. That way the crazy only comes out in full force once a year! Ha! I think I may be crazy tree lady too–last count, thirteen (in varying sizes and only four of them properly decorated)!

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